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Bremmer shoots Nixon


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1623539274999.png June 17.1972
Loner , out cast lifelong misfit had recently had his girlfriend break up with. Convinced shooting and killing 37th president of the United States would be retribution for a hum drum life. After stalking his target for months Bremer shot the president while coming out of a hotel in the state of Georga. Secret service tackled the assign and president Nixon's last words were tell pat.. as he died at the local hospital.


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1623628007956.pngFor the first time as president of the United States ,president Agnew addressed the nation on live television. We have lost a great stateman to a senseless act and I will personally make sure the legacy of the great late president Nixon will never be forgotten. George Wallace the Democratic candidate for president temporary stopped campaigning out of respect for the assignation of president Nixon.
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For many having Spiro Agnew as president of the United States was an american nightmare but for conservatives who thought the late president Nixon was too liberal for recognizing China and signing the environmental protection act president Agnew was perfect. the new v.p. was now Melvin Laird.


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was planning on responding with a suggestion of Laird for VP at some point. in between his Nixon administration cred, foreign policy chops and past prominence in + connections with the congressional GOP, he always struck me as the natural #2 for the GOP to send up all the while they sharpen their knives behind his back.
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January 20.1972
Spiro Agnew, Melvin Laird sworn in for first full term president ,vice president respectively.

As president Agnew push's for a more aggressive foreign policy in Vietnam causing the North to surrender unconditionally. President Agnew also funds Nasa increasing funding for the space agency. Agnew"s presidency ends in resignation when news of his bribery comes out in 1974. President Laird catch"s criticism for pardoning the former president. he says it was to avoid the nation going through more turmoil.
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President Laird had his work cut out for him , there was the swine flu epidemic he tried to get under control to keep the public from panicking he got a shot himself.
fighting in Vietnam had stopped but there would be an occasional border dispute, also the u.s. economy was sluggish and gas prices were rising.
president Laird announced he would not run for president. His v.p, on the other hand wanted the presidency very badly.

976 United States presidential election
538 members of the Electoral College
270 electoral votes needed to win
1972November 2, 19761980
1.7 pp
Jimmy Carter cropped.png1624852909524.png
NomineeJimmy CarterGeorge H. Bush
Home stateGeorgia Texas
Running mateWalter MondaleCharles Percy
Electoral vote197280[a]
States carried23 + DC27
Popular vote30,831,88139,148,634


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Iran takes u.s. embassy hostage.
President Bush orders bombing of iran.
Soviet Union invades Afghanstan.
oil prices skyrockit.