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    What if the German western campaign of 1940 does not invade or occupy Netherlands?

    I've said it before but I think there is an overmythologising of 1940 as a string of the Germans rolling 6s and if anything went wrong anywhere the whole thing would come apart. I think this ignores the Germans suffered plentty of setbacks, communications errors, local tactical problems and...
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    On Trial. Day 3

    St Patrick begins driving the Snakes out of Australia but changes his mind upon meeting the Australians and realising the snakes are more promising potential converts to Christianity.
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    What if Japan attacked the Dutch East Indies in 1936?

    I feel the French or British (and the Americans) would have a lot to say about this.
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    Judge Dread Rides Out

    Got to admit it sounds like we dodged a bullet here. Detective/Magician guy chasing cults around Britain sounds like it would run for a few years before being quietly dumped except when it shows up in thte odd annual or crossover in more popular strips as a kind of callback. Doubt it would ever...
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    Geopolitics of 'Godzilla Minus One'

    Truman and MacArthur wrestling each other in a missile Silo over who gets to nuke the giant lizard smashing up Tokyo.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    Honestly TTRL had to rework most of the previous lore to have a story at all. Basically everything before or around it had the Crossed happen everywhere simultaneously even aboard airlines and most capitals and governments were in collapse within a day or so with the last organised resistance...
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    AHC/WI : Italy under harsher occupation and peace conditions after WWII

    I wonder if Churchill gets his Balkan campaign if he's talked out of Sicily/Mainland Italy.
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    Night Mares (fictional TV show)

    @Thande I believe this is your arena?
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    Night Mares (fictional TV show)

    Of course you need at least one episode that is bad and regressive and turns out to have been written by someone who wrote the same awful script in three other major sci-fi shows. It breaks my suspension of disbelief for this not to happen.
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    Night Mares (fictional TV show)

    This is surprisingly interesting I can really imagine this show being a thing, it seems like something from the early 2000s but somewhat better than a lot of what was on offer.
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    WI: Napoleon accepts the Frankfurt Proposals

    If there is an Alt WW1 1914-1918 seems rather unlikely.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Its been a while since I have read them but I seem to recall a gradual slowing and entrenchment on most of the fronts actually shown.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    It's fun but I don't think realism comes into it with trench warfare over several hundred miles of front. Just way too vast to have that kind of defence in depth
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    What colours do they prefer on maps?
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I feel that in such circumstances they either get slaughtered or they get brutal enough to win a civil war in which case see USSR or the PRC.
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    Comics Part 3: Judge Meant - The Early Unpublished Dredds

    Which would have ruined the emotional beats of at least two stories plus a hilariously awkward one shot where he has to flirt with his stalker.
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    Comics Part 3: Judge Meant - The Early Unpublished Dredds

    Interesting stuff, I think what we landed on OTL was a superior product. Dredd and the Justice Department really work best as a bunch of warrior monks pretending they aren't human because it lets you have your cake and eat it story wise. You can cheer them on as they rule a dictatorship...
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    Sea Lion Fails...Then What?

    @The Red already said but any timeline where the Germans attack is one where they've already kinda won the war? Like their plans were hopelessly optimistic but stated very firmly that the RAF and RN needed to be put out of action first. They may have overestimated their crossing capability but...
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    Alternate History and Stargate: Part 1

    The Gamekeeper
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    Alternate History and Stargate: Part 1

    Still think they should have done something different with the Goddess of Love and instead of a pure lust thing have her appear/appeal in a different way to every character, a friend who can truly relate, a mother figure, a life partner, a sexy girlfriend, a loving wife, a fantasy of escape or...