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    Poll: A more varied likes system

    This post made me remember that I am able to put something like this onto the site. I'm up for doing it as an experiment if people want. The reason we launched with just likes is that it looks cleaner and less cluttered, but it's fair to say that some problems do exist with it. Vote and/or...
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    Phone version of site

    This is correct - we haven’t updated the site so I don’t know why.
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    Interview with Lillith Roberts

    'Real know-it-all teen' how dare you perceive me
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    The Road to a New Alternate History, part 3

    Discuss this article here.
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    Can I post content made by a banned member here?

    For a number of reasons, this isn't something we can allow. Apologies.
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    If Corbyn didn't stand: Lavery, Mearns, or Trickett?

    The other candidates have to go along with Harman abstaining on the welfare bill and create the space for NotCorbyn to just go 'well I'm voting against'. That more than anything crystallised the 'hang on we really do have a choice of This Guy or Tory Lite But Even More Than 2015!Ed Was' issue...
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    The Complete Collection

    You should get an email today with next steps - thank you for your support.
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    What does "sealioning" mean in a disciplinary context?

    Yes, it’s a total coincidence.
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    What does "sealioning" mean in a disciplinary context?

    It’s outlined here. It’s a form of trolling and like other forms is unwelcome here.
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    Writing AH. Anachronisms Part 6. War. Huh. What is it named for?

    He follows up the 1919 comment at the time with “somebody had to clean up the mess!”, which I took as a reference to the dangers of demobilising the - at the time - most dangerous and explosive/trap-riddled battlefields in history. See also the 1919 on war memorials, dangerous work was being done.
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    Fight and Be Right

    I would strongly recommend this.
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    Book Nook: Agent Lavender, by Tom Black and Jack Tindale.

    We played with this in Crisis. In a manner of speaking.
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    Book Nook: Agent Lavender, by Tom Black and Jack Tindale.

    Yes, this. There's plenty of older people who think he was a wrong'un and 'shifty' and, particularly in the context of his defence cuts, will unironically say they aren't sure where his loyalties were. But full-blown 'he's in the pay of Moscow' stuff was present at the time of his being PM -...
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    Book Nook: Agent Lavender, by Tom Black and Jack Tindale.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking questions, David. Was a fun trip down memory lane, this!
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    What if John Smith dies four years later?

    The 4 years in between are really crucial – without the Granita Pact, does Blair just eclipse Brown even more, year by year, as The Next Leader? That's what Blair expected to do and Smith's sudden death just forced the issue and forced the deal. Or do Smith and Brown's close relationship, and...
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    Where Can I Find A Draft I Made?

    I've looked in the settings and drafts are apparently stored for 24 hours. If it's disappeared then I'm afraid something has happened that overwrote it or it expired. There is nowhere it would be other than the reply box in which you were typing it, in the thread in question. I recommend always...
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    Current kicks and bans

    Edmund has been unbanned from the forum, but has a restriction on his account meaning he cannot read or post in The Pub. This follows correspondence with myself and the moderating team, over several months. It should be noted that Edmund's first appeal was denied as it came soon after an...
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    Max's election maps and assorted others

    what have they done to my son feed him
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    A “British” May 68’

    As you've said, the question really needs to be English/Welsh/Scottish May 1968, because, erm Anyway, it's Wilson going into Vietnam.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Yeah, FWIW I'm a bit of an Allied Inevitabilitist but for all the might of Soviet industry, I see the arguments that a United States that sits on its hands or just completely messes up its economy via non-committal approaches is something that can lead to at least an Axis stalemate, akin to...