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    AHC: A Spanish-American War in the 1780s

    Almost happened in 1784-1785 because of disputes related to the Mississippi River.
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    WI: Japan discovers the Liaohe Oil Field in the early 1930s?

    Liaohe alone, at 350,000 barrels a day, is 114,975,000 barrels per year. With a deficit of 11.1 million compared to that...
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    WI: Japan discovers the Liaohe Oil Field in the early 1930s?

    Sakhalin in 1945 was producing 750,000 to 1,200,000 tons per annum; sources differ. The former, being the conservative figure, still equates to ~5.5 million barrels per annum while the latter is over 10 million. The WWII Databook by John Ellis shows the Japanese deficit in 1941 was 11.1 million...
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    What if Hitler had gone for Moscow? (Part 1)

    The article is about "Case Blue" going after Moscow in 1942, not the 1941 Operation Typhoon. Specific to the issue of logistics: The fundamental problem facing the occupying Ostheer during its time in Russia was that everything it needed, apart from food and fodder, had to come from Germany...
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    WI: The Cold War never ended? What would be the impacts on Pop Culture, Technology, and World Politics?

    If they wait until 1989 or such to intervene, sure, but a USSR that is stable over the course of the 1980s is one that can preclude such by stabilizing its puppets. A lot of the root cause was Poland, Hungary, etc took on loans that over the course of the 1980s they could no longer make payments...
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    John Kerry wins in 2004?

    I'm increasingly realizing just how old I am, based off this thread.
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    WI: The Cold War never ended? What would be the impacts on Pop Culture, Technology, and World Politics?

    The budget cuts the Russian Federation enacted in the 1990s certainly were out of Gorby's means, and Yeltsin was able to achieve them because of the collapse of the Communist Party, through which the three industries previously exercised influence. Price Reform and Gorbachev's historical slate...
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    WI: The Cold War never ended? What would be the impacts on Pop Culture, Technology, and World Politics?

    Interesting factoid I learned recently, which I think fit this point well: Russian language publications had surpassed Ukrainian publications within the Ukrainian SSR in the mid 1980s, for the first time since the 1920s. Same had happened back in the 1970s with Belarus which, taken together, I...
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    John Kerry wins in 2004?

    Specifically, I said decreasing but not pullout. I was going off this earlier post:
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    AHC: Islamic India

    I phrased it weird, my bad; I meant it would enter those places (Indonesia, Cham, etc) earlier and more thoroughly, like Indonesia being closer to 100% than the current 87%. As for the issue of Theravadda, my understanding of that argument ("Transcendentalist Intransigence") is that it extends...
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    What if The USA Entered WW2 in Early 1941?

    Saw this from Twitter and thought it relevant.
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    AHC: Islamic India

    Taking it as a given that you could, gradually with time, Islamify India, what would be some of the outer ramifications? Seems likely more of Southeast Asia could trend towards Islam; Burma, Cham, and Indonesia. One idea I've had is Indian Muslim traders and explorers spread Islam into...
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    ASBs fill the Axis gas tank, December 1941

    I doubt this changes much in the Pacific; the specifics of the strategic situation necessitated the contours of the way the Axis offensives played out in that region. It is in Europe that this presents the most possibilities of change, as Italy was constrained in its actions against Malta due to...
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    Israel without the Nazis and the Holocaust

    I thought I remembered a scheme in the 1920s or 1930s to settle Jews in Liberia, ultimately using them as a bloc to make Liberia a Polish Colony.
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    John Kerry wins in 2004?

    I agree, but I think with a PoD over a year in advance of something that happened historically, with world changing implications given the status of the U.S. as the sole superpower in 2004, is one of those cases it can be done.
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    What if Mussolini Doesn't Intervene in Spain

    It could, potentially, have major effects: The Italian Army developed a new and revolutionary doctrine of combined arms warfare in 1938 based on the lessons learned from their experiences of the 1930s. The success from the use of Italian combined arm teams in Spain and in Ethiopia proved the...
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    John Kerry wins in 2004?

    Climate, yes, but weather I would argue is far more contingent. For a contemporary example, see how the Chinese were able to clean up Beijing in the lead up to the 2008 Olympics. If we're assuming that, for example, Kerry is decreasing U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, that's going to lead to...
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    Israel without the Nazis and the Holocaust

    Wasn't there a Polish plan to try to get a colony in Africa for themselves by using/forcing their own large Jewish population as settlers?
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    Alexander the Great lives

    The only thing I know about Alexander is that there is some Buddhist arguments that a living Alexander would've resulted in the introduction of Buddhism into Europe, possibly pre-empting the Monotheistic trend.
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    WI: Arab Caliphates only attack the Sassanids, not the ERE?

    Please forgive me for truncating your post for brevity's sake; most of it I agree with and so I wanted to focus in on some key points. I'd agree that long term, conflict between the ERE and the Arabs is inevitable but when would probably be key here, for both states. Given a few decades to...