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    Maximum British Demands in the Seven Years' War?

    Assume for a moment that due to [REASONS] the first peace feelers are rebuffed and that the British don't sit down with the French until roughly six months later than our timeline. This means that the siege of Cassel has been successfully carried through and news of the fall and occupation of...
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    Cooper Beats Clay in 1963

    This is probably one for @Coiler but I was reminded a few days back about the Cooper vs. Ali fight of 1963. Claims that due to a tear in one of Ali's gloves the rest interval was more than momentarily longer than normal have been debunked, that Dundee used illegal smelling salts can't be proved...
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    Armand Fallieres Assassinated in 1907

    Reading the Wikipedia article about the Tottenham Outrage – feel free to make your own Spurs jokes – there's a passing mention that the two perpetrators moved to the UK from France after the brother of one who they had been staying with was killed by the premature detonation of the bomb he was...
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    A Surviving University of Stamford

    I was reminded this morning of the University of Stamford, a short-lived English university founded in 1333 by a breakaway group of lecturers and students from the University of Oxford. Oxford University and Cambridge University lobbied against it and they managed to convince the King to have...
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    British Intervention in Rwanda?

    John Major has a reputation as being fairly boring as Prime Ministers go, so I got to wondering what sort of point of departure could you come up with after his becoming PM to most decisively change that? One idea I had was his deciding to launch a military intervention in Rwanda during the...
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    Blair Resigns Several Months Earlier

    Originally posted in the PMQs thread but decided to start a separate one. The 2007 Scottish Parliament election took place on the 3rd of May so let's say he resign at the end of March or at least towards the end of April and Brown take the reins essentially unopposed.
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    Sarawak, Malaya, and Indonesia

    The general idea was what might shake out from the Kingdom of Sarawak remaining independent thanks to Anthony Brooke becoming Rajah when his uncle Charles abdicates and retires to the UK rather than it becoming a Crown colony. Sabah and Labuan likely get bolted on to it rather than join the...
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    A Quieter World

    No not one where mutated COVID-19 has gone on a rampage and killed off humanity, but one where the largest number of trouble spots are avoided. This springs from a whimsical idea of what, with the benefit of hindsight, could be done post-WWII. North Korea – losing the Korean War removes this...
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    Labour, Clause IV, and the UK Motor Industry

    Couple of threads over at the Other Place about a Conservative victory in 1964 and an alternate British Motor Corporation (BMC) got me wondering but were there ever any calls for or proposals to nationalise the UK motor industry prior to it getting into trouble? Labour nationalised the steel...
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    A Healthier Stafford Cripps and Bevan

    I came across an interesting thread by David T over at the Other Place which didn't get much of a response when it was posted. Hopefully no-one will mind my quoting it here. The main question has to be do people think that if it had been Cripps rather than Gaitskell who as Chancellor...
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    Labour After a 1950 Election Defeat?

    Something that came to mind earlier this afternoon but assuming for a moment that the Conservatives managed to gain a small majority similar to their 1951 one in 1950 how does that affect Labour's internal politics? I would assume that Attlee still stays on until 1955, and that it being...
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    Archibald Sinclair Keeps His Seat?

    Archibald Sinclair was elected MP for Caithness and Sutherland in 1922 and was leader of Liberals from 1935 until he lost his seat in the 1945 general election by 61 votes in a tight three-way contest. He stood again in 1950 but lost a second time by 269 votes. The Liberal Party itself didn’t do...
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    British Ryukyu

    I’m trying to plot how get the Ryukyu Kingdom to become a British protected state similar to the Kingdom of Tonga and the most likely point of divergence so far appears to be the Bombardment of Kagoshima and its aftermath. The general idea is that due to [REASONS] – more forces, better planning...
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    Habsburg Liechtenstein

    This came out of a thread over at the Other Place about keeping the Habsburgs on a throne somewhere in Europe after Great War and I got to wondering about a Habsburg Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein was in large part created out of expediency, Johann I wanting to gain Imperial immediacy bought a...
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    AHC: Britain a Founder Member of the E.E.C.

    With the UK's current political situation it's gotten me wondering again but is there any way–outside of Alien Space Bats–for the UK to be a signatory of the Treaty of Rome in 1957? It's tricky. Currently doing some reading so thought I'd throw it open and see if anyone had any decent ideas in...
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    Future Charles VII of France Dead in 1422

    Something I came across a while back but apparently during a visit to La Rochelle in October of 1422 the Dauphin was such a large draw that the floor of the room in the Bishop's palace where he was holding court collapsed due to the combined weight of all the people. Whilst he fell, unlike a...
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    Northern Ireland Fully Integrated into the UK

    With Northern Ireland being in the new lately it got me wondering again but what's the earliest time do people think between its creation in 1922 and its abolition in 1973 that the Executive Committee of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland could be rescinded? One wild-arsed idea was for Labour...
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    A UK Oil Fund?

    A random idea I had but what effects, if any, might there be to the UK having a sovereign wealth fund funded by North Sea oil income similar to Norway's? I was thinking something along the lines of the Conservatives passing legislation in 1995 mandating that from 1996 onwards all oil revenues...
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    Labour and the EEC in the 1970s

    Suppose for moment that the Conservatives had won the 1964 general election with say a ten or so seat majority, enough to last them the parliament. This pretty much guarantees a Labour victory come 1969 with a large majority and another in 1974 or whenever likely with a reduced one. What I was...
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    An Earlier Channel Tunnel

    Back in 1964 Britain and France agreed to build a tunnel under the Channel although geological studies and initial preparations took until 1973, with construction having provisionally started in 1974. Tunnel boring machines were in place on both sides and a three hundred metre test bore, later...