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    Kings of Venetia and Lombardy

    So, to make a long story short, I kind of need some families to fill the vacant thrones of Venetia and Lombardy after a war of independence from Austria, which would see the two new sovereign Italian states have heads which are neither Habsburgs nor Savoyards nor Bourbons. Any suggestions?
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    Things that were invented at the wrong time and in the wrong order

    In alternate history, we frequently, either as reader encounter, or as writers create, situations were certain technologies or concepts develop far earlier than when they "ought to". The Romans developing a printing press or the Victorians developing a functioning analytical engine would be two...
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    Deep Sea Race

    Calling on @Usili, @AndyC, and @kratostatic in particular on account of an idea I’ve had for some time, that I wanted to discuss a little with some people I know are more knowledeable about engineering than me! So, as I mentioned to Phil yesterday, in my original draft on the Swedish...
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    Quick Links for Authors on the Blog

    Well, I won't deny, now that I do have four (4) published entries on the blog I do obviously have a bit of vested interest in this, if for no other reason than to satisfy my vanity, but would it be possible to somehow make the name of any author of a blog post into a hyperlink, which would lead...
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    Cathode Rays and Young's Double Slit

    A friend of mine has this idea that I am not entirely sold on (though I would very much like to converted to with full zeal), and that is that the way quantum theory is thought in universities is completely wrong. In his opinion, one should skip quantum mechanics all together, and move straight...
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    Steampunk Research Thread

    So, as some of you already know, I've for the past year been working on this thing that was supposed to be a TLIAW but that has quickly turned into something looking more into a novel length book, and while I've got an entire chapter written out and excess of fifty pages of notes, I have yet to...
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    So I'm currently on a week-long vacation to Paris visiting the forum's beloved and true @Redolegna himself, and so I figured I might for a few short days take a break from my self-imposed embargo on actually participating in any discussions on the forums. So that you folks will have something to...