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    Russian Ground Intervention in Syria

    With what’s going on in Ukraine right now, I have begun to focus on another military intervention conducted by Russia. A successful one, and possibly the only one in its history where it didn’t use ground troops to a great extent. First things first is that you need a POD. Here I will provide...
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    Atheist culture

    Could a culture emerge in any part of the world which is distinctly atheist? By "emerge" I'm not really thinking of something modern but something pre-modern (before 1500 at the latest). How would the members of this ethnicity engage with their theistic neighbors? Furthermore where is it most...
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    American anti-Communism if America had become Communist

    Assuming a communist revolution overthrows the United States, how would American anti-Communism, both underground in the country and in the diaspora, look like?
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    AHC: Have Americans become more isolationist after the end of the Cold War

    Mind, the goal isn't to have the US become totally isolationist like in the 1920s, as that would be hard to do with a Cold War POD. The goal here is to change US society and politics to where, after the end of the Cold War and collapse of the Eastern Bloc, instead of believing that they had to...
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    What happens to British and French colonies if they go red?

    Let’s suppose that a combination of Central Powers victory + Great Depression esque economic collapse leads to the two largest colonial empires having a successful communist revolution. What happens to their colonies as a result?
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    AHC: Alliance between the far-left and far-right

    Much has been written about the similarities between the two extremes of the political spectrum and how they agree on certain topics. However, even though there are some things similar (shared opposition to liberalism, capitalism etc.) the differences between the two were, and are, sufficient to...
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    WI: Fascist vs. Communist Cold War

    inb4 "OTL" The world being split between two extremes of the political spectrum who consider the other to be pure evil will certainly be a more interesting Cold War than the OTL one was. I'm not really interested in the *how*, though that is obviously important (the question of "do the...
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    WI: America/Iran War post 2019

    I'm going with a general post 2019 thread instead of going with a specific POD, like the Soleimani crisis going wrong, mainly because America going to war with Iran is difficult as there really isn't much of a demand for it in the country, nor was there ever. Yet, I do believe that if you can...
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    AHC/WI: Explicitly pro-IRA government in Ireland during the Troubles

    Essentially, Ireland is to the IRA what North Vietnam was to the Vietcong, Pakistan to the Afghan Mujahideen, and Iran/Syria to Hezbollah. That is, they fund the organization, provide them with weapons (much more weapons and more powerful than what any normal insurgent group would be able to...
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    WI: Operation Long Jump is carried out and succeeds

    An inverse of the WI Elser succeeds thread, which is here If you don't know Operation Long Jump was a German operation to kill Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill at the same time while they were in Tehran for the conference. If carried out, and succeeds, what happens next? A big propaganda...
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    WI: Georg Elser succeeds

    Suppose Elser succeeded, and in doing so, kills Hitler, Goebbles, and Goering. What would happen next? My belief is that Himmler would take control as he was one of the most powerful people in Nazi Germany and could outmaneuver any potential opponents, though I'd like to hear of other, more...
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    WI: Italy remains neutral during World War 2 - impact of a "Fascist bloc" during the Cold War?

    Suppose Italy chooses to remain neutral during World War 2. The war goes as normal, albeit with a few differences and probably ends sooner, but overall the Germans are defeated and Europe is split. I imagine here that much more of Europe is under Western control - perhaps we will see the US...
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    WI: Nazi Victory

    This is one of those scenarios that has been talked about on and on and on and on. But it wouldn't be an AH site without at least one discussion of this topic, and I'd like to see you guys having a crack on this one. The POD I'm going with here is that, for whatever reason, Lord Halifax is made...
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    PC/AHC: World Domination

    Is it possible for any one country, and I mean just one country, to be in control of >95% of the world's landmass? And if so, what is the most likely scenario for that to happen? For the record, there are no POD limitations, so go nuts. Also, there are no specifications for how long they can...
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    Separate Test Thread Forum?

    I think the writing forum is too cluttered with test threads. If it was people writing various one-off stories (emphasis on that part) I can understand, but a lot of times a lot of the posts on these threads are just wikiboxes, lists, maps, and others which don't really have any story attached...
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    Stupid deaths that never happened

    What are the stupidest deaths that never happened? Here are some I can think of: Japan trying to assassinate Charlie Chaplin in 1932 in order to incite the US to declare war Jimmy Carter nearly touching the newly-installed solar panels at the White House while it was raining, which would've...
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    WI: American Monarchy

    This has been an idea which has always interested me. Suppose George Washington decides to take up the offer of becoming "King George I". What happens next? How do more "radical" Founding Fathers, such as Paine and Jefferson, react to this? They both were against the idea of a monarchy...
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    AHC: Ocean travel instead of Space travel

    We know more about outer space than we do about our own ocean. How could ocean travel have supplanted space travel as the main, I don't know what's the word "Science Experiment" or whatever which every developed, large country wants to get in on? Where they make "Ocean Programs" instead of...
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    AHC/WI: Bilateral secession/independence referendum in the United States

    Could an independence referendum happen in the United States? What would have to happen before that, when would it most likely happen, and what state would it be the most plausible to have it happen in?
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    Vienna Bar Fire, 1913

    On another thread, I suggested that this will be a good POD, which while it won't make much of an impact on the world at first, will most likely have a massive impact on the world in the succeeding decades: Let's suppose that something like this does end up happening in Vienna in 1913. What...