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    Personal Empires

    Not sure if this counts as a proper historical phenomenon with a name that eludes me —if it even has a name—, but I did notice that while normal empires built over the span of generations by determined colonialists oppressing and exploiting whole nations, there also exists the cases of men...
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    Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, 2022

    EDT’s A Greater Britain said it was plausible, so I’d buy it. Anyhow, if we ignore fanciful scenarios such as Edward stealing a plane and parachuting over Bertchesgaden or Churchill having him killed, I remember someone suggesting him becoming increasingly isolated due to blunders when trying...
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    What if an early European Coal and Steel Community is set up in 1919?

    Could such an arrangement survive 1929, even ameliorate the situation for its members, or would the strain drive the members apart and consign this to the “Precedents to the EU” tab in the Alt EU Wiki Page? Assuming it holds while not exactly being much of a fix, there’s the issue of figuring...
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    American anti-Communism if America had become Communist

    If one doesn’t want to go with the Bloody Revolution+Civil War path that China and the USSR went with IRL and imagine a broken post-war dictatorial Amerika, perhaps one could use a democratic model of inclusion for the Communists within a greater democratic coalition from which they could grow...
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    Greatest Britain II (United Kingdom of Britain and Hanover)

    I can’t think of a Proper POD for this one, as the conditions for such a move aren’t there, unless one forces it with, say, extraordinary circumstances or a particularly powerful King who can force the issue. Yet the idea appeals to me. Adding a bunch of German MPs and Lords to Parliament...
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    Alternate history in the Tolkienverse: What if Gandalf or Galadriel had claimed the One Ring?

    Interesting stuff, well-researched too, though perhaps the question is less “What if X took the Ring” and more “What if the Ring was usable for people other than Sauron?” as I seem to recall the Ring was as cursed as that of the Nibelungs and possessed of a Will of its own, so an equally...
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    Greatest Britain (Malta, The West Indies, etc…)

    Assuming this was possible, one effect might be greater migration from such places to Britain Proper. Otherwise, could these odd Caribbean and Maltese MPs here and there come to form their own block and play kingmaker in the event of reduced majorities and hung parliaments, as the Nationalist...
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    Kingdom of the Philippines

    I assume a monarchy would have to come from an Abalos/Aranda type plan of the Spanish Monarchy somehow being smart enough to see the writing on the wall and appoint one, or in the 1820s, if one can somehow foster an Independence Movement then or have the Great Powers meddle like in Greece. Or...
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    Napoleon's Britain

    There’s always collaborators, but never as many as an occupier might want. Besides, if Ireland is similar to Poland —though with more unionists, presumably—, Scotland and the other regions might he like Hungary, and the prospective king might reject a crown, like Prince Esterhazy in 1809, —or in...
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    Little Napoleonic PODs

    A sequel to this thread. For PODs smaller than Napoleon Crushes his Enemies at Waterloo and Reigns Forever. -1795 If Napoleon had married Désirée Clary. This one has a lot of effects great and small if we use Not Meeting the Beauharnais as a POD. Napoleon, Ney and Bernadotte have different...
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    Napoleon's Britain

    On the other hand, I can’t imagine having Ney and the Hussars galloping down Hyde Park would do wonders for George III’s health.
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    Maximilian I of Mexico Keeps His Throne

    Part of me always wondered whether an actually Conservative monarch to the liking of the people who approached Napoleon III with the project in the first place might not have made for a more stable monarchy. (And then maybe have Maximilian as King of Spain instead of Amadeo of Savoy) Of...
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    Napoleon's Britain

    I’m not an expert, but if we’re going with 1805 and the 150,000 dudes Napoleon assembled for that purpose, wouldn’t he be more likely to appoint puppet kings than proclaim a puppet republic? 1804/5 was when his MO changed and the Republic of Italy became the Kingdom of Italy.
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    Kings of Jerusalem That Never Were

    Following the success of the First Crusade, the first candidate for King was Raymond, Count of Tolouse and the newly established Crusader State of Tripoli, but for whatever reason declined, be it humility or a desire for other fiefs. The second candidate, Godfrey of Bouillon, was also reluctant...
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    The 1908 Congo Crisis

    In 1885, King Leopold of Belgium was given the right to rule the heart of Africa and millions of unwilling/unwitting subjects on the basis that it was better than letting other countries have it, and that Leopold would keep free trade open so as to guarantee a better looting of the place. What...
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    French Holy Roman Empire

    In the centuries between the coronation of Charlemagne on Christmas Day 800 and the reigns of Otto the Great and Henry the Fowler, the institution known as Empire was in a state of flux, as were the lands of the Carolingians. With time, Frankish Succession Laws and interfamilial disputes brought...
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    1145: if Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine had had sons

    King Louis VII Capet (1120-1180) was part of a long line of Louises who struggled with asserting royal control against their overmighty vassals, a problem compounded by the fact that said vassals had larger holdings, treasuries and armies. Hence the marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204)...
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    Greatest Britain (Malta, The West Indies, etc…)

    Since the dawn of time, counter factual history has been plagued by a simple question: why doesn’t the big country simply eat the smaller one? While looking at the video for Malta and French Algeria the thought struck me: what if the Imperial Federa Of course different countries will have...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Well, they couldn’t invade from Cuba, that’d just be silly.
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    1230: Scramble for Constantinople

    The Year: 1230. The Players: Theodore Komnenos Doukas Emperor operating from Epirus and Thessaloniki John III Doukas Vatatzes Emperor operating from Anatolia Ivan Asen II Tsar of Bulgaria John of Brienne Latin Emperor of Constantinople Kayqubad I Seljuq Sultan of Rūm Other Players...