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    WI: Mario Draghi never heads the ECB

    Mario Draghi can justifiably claim to be one of the only men in living memory to change the course of history with a single sentence. At the height of the Eurozone crisis with actors across the board worried about the future of the Euro given high Spanish and Italian borrowing rates, Draghi said...
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    Crashing the Party Test Thread

    Have a thread similar to this on the Other Site - this is just a place focused on a project I've been working on and sketching out for quite a while, and I figured it'd be nice to have a dedicated thread for worldbuilding stuff and drafts meant for it. Anyways, here's a collection of world...
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    Alternate Foreign/Diplomatic Crises?

    I’m typing this out on my phone so I apologize if there’s any errors or if I’m not conveying my ideas over correctly, but I’m curious about the ideas of alternate “crises” - not necessarily a war, but events on a similar scale to the Iran Hostage Crisis, the invasion of Grenada, the tiff between...
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    WI: President Mo Udall

    In 1976, Representative Morris Udall ran for President and lost - "second-place Mo" as he was known had struggles with fundraising, name-recognition and breaking out of a crowded pack to beat frontrunner Jimmy Carter. In the AH community that's all Mo's really known for, as another generic...
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    A more successful Zapata?

    Emiliano Zapata, revolutionary general, warlord, supporter of radical land reforms and national icon, was assassinated by Jésus Guajardo in April of 1919. President Venustiano Carranza, Zapata’s rival, was damaged by his association with Zapata’s death and Álvaro Obregón, a hero of the...
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    WI: President Nixon (1961-???)

    IIRC there has been a thread discussing how the Bay of Pigs would play out under a Nixon Administration, but there hasn’t been one discussing the actual policies of a Nixon Administration. I’ve been re-reading Rick Perlstein’s wonderful Nixonland for the past couple of days and the first few...
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    WI: The Bricker Amendment passed the Senate?

    In 1951, Senator John Bricker, avid anti-communist, isolationist and once Vice-Presidential candidate, submitted to Congress the Bricker Amendment, an Amendment to the Constitution that would dramatically limit the powers of the President to negotiate foreign treaties (you can find the text...
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    WI: Independent Sikh State

    India has always been a blindspot for me (*insert anglocentric joke here*), but I've recently been reading up on the history of Sikhism and thought that this was an interesting topic that doesn't get enough interest. Getting my info from this academic paper discussing Punjab during the Partition...
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    AndrewH's Test Thread

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    WI: President William Douglas

    Alright, so getting the infamously antagonistic liberal Justice William Orville Douglas into the White House is almost comically simple - get him nominated as FDR's veep instead of Truman in 1944, and when Roosevelt passes in '45, bam, he's in the White House. However, once he takes the oath of...
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    WI: Shay’s Rebellion succeeded

    Alright, so: Shay’s Rebellion has been a particular point of fascination for me for quite some time now, but I’ve never seen it addressed in-depth in the AH community, so I figured I might as well ask about it. In 1787, a group of around a thousand-and-a-half citizens marched on Springfield...