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    For A Single Meal or Adamescu Junior Takes Down A Government With Him

    Slightly inspired by the Owen Paterson affair and whatnot,I thought of what would have happen if the parts of the press not bought off by Adamescu started noticing that they aren’t as innocent as they falsely claimed,that the former got rich via his daddy conning people out of their insurance...
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    Tonton’s Early Victory or Mitterrand wins in ‘65

    Something I found out recently is that people were more or less expecting Mitterrand to win against De Gaulle in ‘65,with many being surprised that Gaulle won-and even then narrowly from the point of view of some. Suppose therefore that,somehow,Mitterrand did win against France’s Nationalist in...
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    Crooked Warren or Harding Lives On

    What it says on the tin-what happens if Harding doesn’t die of a heart attack and is still President when the Teapot Dome Scandal (among others) is revealed? I imagine that Harding would most likely give himself (and probably some of his mates if he has time) a pardon before resigning in early...
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    Ceausescu Lives On Scenarios

    Before we start,a few notes: -Ceausescu’s precarious health at this point and his various illnesses can’t and shan’t be butterflied away and thus he has to live til late ‘91/early ‘92. -His sole heir was Nicu and he didn’t care about anything beyond booze and women so don’t expect him to put...
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    1921-the NSDAP splits

    By 1921 Adolf Hitler started building himself a comfortable career as a figure of the German far right and the NSDAP’s most prominent figure,but it wasn’t a particularly stable one. See,in August 1921 Anton Drexler was having merger discussions with the German Social Party and Otto Dickel’s...
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    Halifax as PM: how does he fare in a 1941 General Election?

    What it says on the tin-Halifax becomes PM,a peace treaty is signed,Britain is out of the war for a while or maybe even definitely. What happens then? There's no reason for the Conservatives to postpone the General Election anymore now that there isn't a war or a War Cabinet anymore. How does...
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    Dying over a dog: Romania declares war on Bulgaria in 1914

    During July 1914,while WW1 was about to start,at the border with Cadrilater,a Bulgarian border guard shot the Romanian border guard's dog. The border posts were facing each other, separated by a strip of land. After swearing profusely, the soldiers of the two countries retreated into the...
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    France without the Franco-Prussian War

    Let's assume that Bismarck is successfully assasinated in 1866 and the Franco-Prussian War doesn't happen. Let's also assume that the Bonapartes continue to rule France til,say,the First World War or sometime during the 20th Century. How does France change along the years in this scenario? Does...
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    Lesser evils-Von Schleicher and Tukhachevsky get in charge

    In the scenarios of Hitler losing the game of backroom deals that wins the people who control Hindenburg and civil war occurs that Japhy did in Götterdämmerung and Stalin being killed succefully by Orlova Pavlova and Tukhachevshy becoming Secretary General,how do things change for Europe in the...
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    Loudest voice in the room:Morton Downey Jr for America

    For some time,I had some curious dreams about the Eighties trashy proto Glenn Beck conservative loud mouth known as Morton Downey Jr.More specifically,dreams of alternative history kind,in a timeline where Ronnie Raygun dies in ‘81,George becomes President and manages to win in 1984 against...
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    Stagnation forever:the U.S.S.R under Kirilenko and how it would affect the 1989 revolutions

    Say,for the the sake of argument,that after the well known POD of Nixon and Brezhnev dying in a car crash in 1973,Kirilenko(possibly via support by Suslov) becomes Secretary General. Let’s also assume that things(in Eastern Europe for the most part) stay the same until the 1980’s,when...
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    Britain after 8 years of Attlee and 4 of Gaitskell-what follows?

    In a world where the Labour Party carried on being in power til ‘57 and Bevan becomes leader after Gaitskell is no longer PM,who gets to be leader after he dies in ‘60? Would it be Freeman,Brown,Sunny Jim or our boy Harold? Also on an unrelated note,how would Eden run as PM? Can the Profumo...
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    Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

    In which I post muh ideas
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    Operation Autonomous:various scenarios

    Right.This is the first time I tried to do one of these,so I’ll try to be succinct. 1.How would a successful Operation Autonomous change the course of the war(or at least Romania in the short run,since long run it’s clear that the Soviets have the upper hand )? 2.What would happen if Antonescu...