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    Early Tudor succession crisis

    I was thinking back on one of my favourite timelines, Now Blooms the Tudor Rose (by @Space Oddity) and then got onto the frailty of the House of Tudor - despite Henry VII producing three sons, the House was extinct by 1603. And the War of the Roses had severely pruned the Houses of York and...
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    Gulf War in 1961

    On 19 June 1961 the British Protectorate over the Sheikhdom of Kuwait ended, and the Gulf state became independent. Independence was immediately met by declarations from Iraqi Prime Minister Abd al-Karim Qasim that Kuwait would be annexed, and in response Britain encouraged Kuwait to request its...
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    Typographic errors in SLP publication

    I'm reading an SLP publication on Kindle and there are occasional typographic errors - nothing actually terminal to my enjoyment or understanding (there's an 'ant' that should be an 'and'), but presumably something that would be better if fixed. Who's best to contact in that scenario, the...
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    Public forums

    I was wondering which forums are only visible to members? Only first drafts is explicit and I can't actually work out how to log out on my phone to check for myself! If it's not, could the pub be made private?