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    Unflown Wings by Gordon and Komissarov

    If you wanted the absolute basics on any never-was Soviet/Russian aircraft project, Unflown Wings is the book for you. The nature of it means basically that all of its authors usual weaknesses are lessened (ie, iffy accuracy matters less when the planes never flew anyway, a slapdash...
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    WI: US keeps Tank Destroyer branch postwar

    Historically, the Tank Destroyer branch was disbanded after WWII as redundant. Yet its original concept (dedicated defensive antitank reserve units) was viable, and the rise of recoiless guns and ATGMs gave specialty platforms a return in a decade. So if for some reason, the Tank Destroyer...
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    AHC/WI: Unified governing body for boxing

    Boxing is unique (and not in a good way) in that it doesn't have a single dominant FIFA esque governing body, instead having several rival "alphabet " ones. Is there a credible way to have it be ruled by one accepted group like almost every other sport, including combat sports?
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    Cage Ring Mat

    In the same universe as The Sure Bet King, Cage Ring Mat has just been released. Enjoy twelve tales of AH fisticuffs, from a title bout in the Palace of the Soviets to a death in the Himalayas.
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    Alternate papal conclave logistics

    Semi silly questions I had regarding papal conclaves in unusual circumstances, and wondering if people know about formal plans (assuming they existed) Pius dies in World War II, especially if it's before the recapture of Rome by the Allies. Was there a specific contingency plan? If the Vatican...
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    Earlier score bugs for sporting events

    In the early 1990s IOTL, score bugs were introduced for sports, soon becoming ubiquitous. The question is: How much earlier could they have been introduced, given the smaller size and lower quality of televisions? If they somehow were in place earlier, could that have any (however small)...
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    Independent Seven Sister States of India?

    Is there a semi-maybe-a-little-plausible way with a late (ie, likely post-1980) POD, to turn the "Seven Sister States" of Northeast India into one or more independent, ideally internationally recognized countries? My gut is saying "likely not", but I don't know nearly enough about the area or...
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    Moving the British capital (and political demographics?) north in an Axis victory scen

    So I've long had this itch for a soft but-not-as-soft-as-some AH where it's the classic Axis victory, but Britain just threw in the towel and had a cease-fire while remaining politically opposed to the Reich. The fear of invasion and attack becomes greater, and England increasingly becomes an...
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    British launch facility in Kenya?

    This is a very soft AH in any event, but what's the likelihood of a Britain with a longer empire and/or bigger internal space program locating a major launch facility in Kenya, similar to France putting theirs in Guiana for similar geographic advantages?
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    Any uses for the Borst railway reactor?

    Are there any practical uses for Lyle Borst's 30,000 KW railroad nuclear reactor, either for its original role of powering a train or for being used as a (comparably) small nuclear generator for another task?
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    The Sure Bet King

    My newest and biggest book about a sports betting tout has now gone live. The Sure Bet King.
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    Surviving "Walkerist" state in Central America?

    Granted this is already in "soft AH that'd be a lot better for a story than claimed as plausible" territory, but I'm wondering just how out-there a sort of "Walkerist" pro-CSA rump state named after this guy in Central America enduring some time after the Union victory in the real ACW would be...
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    WI: Mussolini successfully escapes to Switzerland

    First, obviously it has no immediate effect on the soon-to-be concluded World War II. But I'm curious what (however minor) effects there'd be if Mussolini did succeed in escaping to Switzerland instead of getting caught and killed?
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    California Angels more successful in the 1970s-1980s

    Like George Steinbrenner, Angels owner Gene Autry seized the opportunity of free agency to spend big and beef up the team. Unlike Steinbrenner, the Angels fell short during his lifetime. IOTL, they finished five games back in 1978 and actually made the playoffs in 1979 and 1982, losing to the...
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    Paraguay sends troops to Vietnam

    One of those little footnotes of history: IOTL, Stroessner offered to send Paraguayan troops to Vietnam, which ultimately didn't happen. What if it did? My hunch is that it'd be a small symbolic force placed in the area of least perceived risk, but how big/divergent could it have been?
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    Getting a UK prime minister to lose their seat

    Granted, as a filthy ignorant Yankee, it's totally out of my depth, but I'm curious: Is it possible, and if so how hard, to get a sitting UK prime minister to personally lose their seat in a general election with a POD after World War II? Ideally, it should also be as "clean" as possible, in the...
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    Creating Baseball Fiction With Numbers (Or: Bill James' AH Idea)

    Found this piece from the legendary Bill James on making the story of a fictional yet plausible baseball player entirely through stat-lines. Although he doesn't use the words "alternate history", he does theorize about how "you can make up a universe with its own rules", such as the 1960s being...
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    America's Team: The Dallas-Mavericks?

    A weird sports WI I thought. Turning the Mavericks into something like the Cowboys of basketball could happen with a few divergences. In the mid-1980s OTL, the Mavericks were consistently good and even took the Magic Johnson Lakers to seven games in the playoffs. So where's the missing piece of...
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    The List Of Alternate History 198X Conventional World War IIIs

    One of the biggest eye-openers when I read and reviewed a lot of books for Fuldapocalypse was seeing just how few "Icelandic" World War III books were actually written. So I figured I'd see how many published (even self-published counts) novels there were that... 1: Featured a mostly...
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    Improving the popularity of lawnmower racing

    This is a very goofy topic, but I'm legitimately curious as to how lawnmower racing could become an international, televised, prominent sport. Probably the only way to do it is to have some celebrity or tycoon spend a huge amount of effort "pushing" it. That and/or having it appear as filler...