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    Identifying a Nazi Official (for a vignette)

    Spurred on by the kind remarks of @Sulemain and @The Red (amongst others) I've decided to try and plan out a vignette - the first one I'll have written for over a year. It's still coalescing in my head, but I have the protagonist firmly fixed in my head. I'm scrounging through my books on the...
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    Moon Disaster (Apollo 11, Nixon and Deep Fakes)

    An amazing website here that I found via @Bruno and Facebook that has an Alternate History angle to it in order to demonstrate the dangers of Deep Fake videos What if Apollo 11 had failed and Nixon had had to deliver the William Safire speech about the sacrifice of Armstrong and Aldrin?
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    Just came across this amazing Alternate History project which is a .pdf of objects (letters, newspapers, badges, train tickets etc) from a world where Doggerland remained a landmass and connected the UK and continental Europe. Absolutely fascinating - free to download but do tip the author if...
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    Alternate History Fiction & Cover Art; Or What Attracts Me As A Reader & Reviewer

    I've been wanting to write something like this for a while, but I've never quite had the time to devote to it until now. As a someone who's been reviewing Alternate History titles for a couple of years now (and indeed several other genres, especially horror), I've found that I've come up with as...
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    Operation Doomsday - Research Thread

    To avoid cluttering up the main thread for my planned novel, Operation Doomsday, I've decided to start this thread for my research, planning and any reader comments I'm just beginning to realise what I've let myself in for, developing something that was going to be a vignette into what will...
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    Non,-SLP Alternate History Submission Calls

    I can't imagine there will be many of these around in the genre, but who knows they might come up occasionally - such as now! Submission Call for the What if the Natives Won? anthology
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    The British Empire in the aftermath of defeat in 1918

    To aid in the background of something I'm writing at the moment, what might the consequences be for the elements of the British Empire if the Great War had resulted in defeat for Britain in 1918 - using the Kaiserreich as a sort of vague template. Would defeat and a negotiated peace meant any...
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    Sea Lion OOB & Other Info

    Where would be the best place - ideally online - to find any proposed Orders of Battle for the Sea Lion landings? Preferably including potential landing sites and which divisions would have been assigned to which areas. Also the kit of a German Landser in 1940
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    Operation Sealion - Widescale deployment of chemical warfare

    We now know that the Cabinet discussed the wide-scale deployment of chemical warfare in the event of German landings on the South-East coast in 1940. It would have been a last-ditch attempt to repel the invasion, and I suspect not even used initially, likely only if it seemed that the Wehrmacht...
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    Armoured Fighting Vehicles PoDs

    In the Name of the Martel, the Fuller and the Holy Hobart, I hereby declare this, the first AFV PoDs (RTR PzKW LOL) thread, to be officially open So this here thread is for the discussion of any and all PoDs involving Armoured Fighting Vehicles - whether you're a dirty Normie centrist who just...