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    WI: Portuguese Fleet Capsizes, 1808

    Apologies, this is going to be an incredibly 'Who Would The HMS Hood Marry' post, but I got thinking last night about who would be the heir to the Portuguese throne in 1808 if things had gone rather worse for J o a o. For the uninitiated, Portugal tried to remain neutral for as long as possible...
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    Latin American Monarchies

    Just going to plonk all the proposals I'm aware of to establish monarchies based in post-colonial Latin America - not including the Empires of Brazil and Mexico, and the various Haitian escapades. Any additions are welcome! Proposals to establish colonial monarchies emerged in the 18th century...
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    NZ Legislative Council Reform

    I'm going to do a series of posts discussing every attempt that was made to reform New Zealand's upper house, which was established in 1854 and eventually petered out in 1950, having contributed little to the nation. Although an elected chamber was discussed at the outset, it was put in the Too...
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    WI: Shirley Williams in Warrington

    I'm currently reading David Owen's memoirs, which came out in 1991 and therefore contains a delicious amount of Roy Jenkins Is Badd And Also Have I Mentioned The Thorpe Affair Yet In This Paragraph? His central point on the SDP is that they went into the Alliance too fully and too early, and...
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    WI: National Government Mk II in 1951

    In 1951, when Winston Churchill returned to office with a small majority, he took the unusual step of inviting Liberal leader Clement Davies to take the Education brief in his new ministry. This was quite clearly a bear hug, designed to split the Liberal Party, and Davies rejected the offer on...
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    AHC/WI: Continuing United Farmers Parties in Canada

    As most of you will know, I know absolutely nothing about North America, so I've only recently begun seriously Wiki-ing the Canadian Progressive movement. Seems that the national Progressive Party failed for various reasons, including internal disputes over how much of a 'party' they should be...
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    AHC: More North Koreas

    In honour of the apparent detente between the Koreas, and also Donald Trump is there, I thought it might be interesting to discuss scenarios in which North Korea isn't this uniquely batshit pariah state that everyone knows at least one incredibly awful thing about. You can interpret the moot...
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    WI: Opération Lion de Mer, 1759?

    What with all this talk of Operation Sealion this month, I thought I'd draw attention to a, perhaps, lesser-known proposed invasion of Britain. During the Seven Years' War, when Britain and Prussia stood alone together against literally everyone else in the Western world, various obviously ASB...
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    WI: Fine Gael are in power during the GFC

    As all people with a passing knowledge of Irish politics are aware, Fianna Fail (fuck you, I'm not doing diacritics) are the Party of Government and were consistently the largest party in the Dail until 2011, when they utterly collapsed down to 20 seats after a truly awful few years, dominated...
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    AHC: More/Different Parties in UK EuroParl Delegations

    As RyanF noted on the Lifeboat, this subforum is looking a bit forlorn at the minute, so here's a discussion topic. What would it take to get the Kleinpartei(en) of your choice into the European Parliament? What would they get up to once elected, and how would their (slightly) increased...
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    Mazda's Maps and Mwikiboxes

    OTL map of Green party vote in the 2017 GE in New Zealand. This does very well at getting across the idea of a fragile coalition between urban liberals and people who used to be urban liberals but have now saved enough money to start an organic yoghurt company somewhere with better surf.