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    NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

    LORAG II: The Quickening has landed just in time for my holiday, so that's pretty fortuitous. Can't wait to find out what happens next.
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    I do have rough notes for a vignette where Keegan's "I would love it if we beat them" rant leads to him inadvertently making a deal with the devil.
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    Sometimes I see a post and enjoy it, but then I see the number of likes the post has and think...

    Sometimes I see a post and enjoy it, but then I see the number of likes the post has and think, "Yeah, that's about the right number of likes for that post" so don't like it myself.
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    Lesser-Known Near-Deaths and Near-Misses

    Another British Prime Minister who had a near-miss was John Major, who was in a car accident when he was working in Nigeria in 1967. You can have it either way - if the car accident kills him, obviously he can't be Prime Minister in 1990 and instead we get Hurd or Lamont or someone. Or, he...
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    Review: Sword, Stone & Table

    I feel that dividing Arthurian stories into Past, Present and Future rather than Once and Future is a mistake.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    A mountainous country with backwards views of the rights of women, Switzerland is the punchline of this bait and switch joke.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I'm fine with nonsensical borders because plenty of OTL borders are nonsensical.
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    Living the Twenties: P,Q,R

    QPR spent the 1920s in the Third Division, having been members at its creation in 1920. Their best finish was 3rd in the inaugural season, while in 1923-24 and 1925-26 they finished 22nd and bottom and had to survive reelection to the Football League (though actually it never came to a vote as...
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    Lesser-Known Near-Deaths and Near-Misses

    Maybe not lesser known (though it fades with each passing year), in 2006 Dick Cheney shot a member of his hunting party. If Harry Whittington gets unlucky, he could have died. I imagine that even if Whittington had died it wouldn't have resulted in criminal charges for Cheney, but he might have...
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    Lesser-Known Near-Deaths and Near-Misses

    This is an interesting one, because in a world where he had died in 1913, the author of a TL that spared him only to kill him in 1914 to spark a global conflict would swiftly find piss and their face in alignment.
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    Lesser-Known Near-Deaths and Near-Misses

    Franz Ferdinand (the archduke, not the band) nearly died in 1913 in Worksop when game shooting, when a shotgun accidentally discharged, the shot passing close by.
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    Lesser-Known Near-Deaths and Near-Misses

    Harold Macmillan had a near miss during the First World War, but I suppose there plenty of politicians his age who served in the First World War who had near-misses. He also survived a plane crash in 1943.
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    BBC Radio 4's What If?

    There was also a companion forum/bulletin board, which closed down shortly after the show stopped being broadcast. It was the gateway drug that lead me here.
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    Kindle rankings

    Good to see my purchase of BaBF on 9 April made a big difference.
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Ben H. Winters

    There's an alternate history there. If Weiss and Benioff either get Confederate made as a film (which was what they originally intended), or they have a different idea, or it just doesn't attract the criticism it did, then maybe Underground Airlines gets made as a television show.
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    The Nitpicker’s Guide to Ancient Warfare: Introduction

    It's not just confusing for audiences, but armies too: Though presumably William did not then say, "You know what chaps, I can see how it's confusing. Let's all take our helmets off so we can identify each other." He probably said it in Norman French for a start.
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    Early Tudor succession crisis

    I was thinking back on one of my favourite timelines, Now Blooms the Tudor Rose (by @Space Oddity) and then got onto the frailty of the House of Tudor - despite Henry VII producing three sons, the House was extinct by 1603. And the War of the Roses had severely pruned the Houses of York and...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    A Breton island, GD? Don't make me sick.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    A thread made for us:
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    David Frum did not need two hands to write this.