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    Notifications not summarising

    Forum upgrade looks great, credit to the admin team on it going this smoothly. I’ve found that the alert summarization doesn’t seem to be working though; I click the link to do so but nothing seems to happen. Any chance of looking into this? Cheers!
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    Elections in Qing China - Some Infoboxes and Musings

    I guess I should make this a separate thread of its own for simplicity. After going through The Campaign Trail game a few times out of nostalgia and looking at a map of China with all of its provinces, a most terrible thought arose in my mind of how China was also going through its own issues...
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    Alternate Historiography: Was the An Lushan Rebellion the original "World War"?

    Hi guys, here's my first foray into this side of the forums in a while. I'm doing teaching assistant work for an undergraduate university course which has been covering the Tang Dynasty as one of its topics, and I took a bit of a deep dive into the era-defining An Lushan Rebellion of 755-763CE...
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    AHC/WI: CSA-Mexican Empire Alliance

    As the title says, at the time of the American Civil War, Mexico was undergoing some regime change at the hands of Napoleon III and generally was on friendly-ish terms with their northern neighbours, being perfectly willing to sell Confederate cotton from Matamoros even if Maximilian wasn't too...
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    Atlantis! The settlement of Cape Verde

    As much as terra nullius is a Very Bad and Evil tool of colonialism used to justify murdering and exploiting native populations, there are some parts of the world which weren't settled until very recently (like, in the last half-millennium), and the islands of Cape Verde happen to be one of...
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    AHC/WI: The Honourable Stamford Raffles

    Mostly out of nationalistic fervor (and Bicentennial Discourse, etc.), I'd like to posit this scenario involving everyone's favourite founder imperialist swindler crook statesman East India Company employee, (Sir) Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, also known for being the first President of the...
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    Are You Sure You Wanna Like This?

    This is more to satisfy my own curiosity more than it is a serious support question, but what judges if a post gets the warning message confirming if you actually want to like said post? Is it the presence of certain keywords which tend to be associated with tremendousness, or is it something else?
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    AHC/WI: Hong Kong, Macau and...Yangjiang?

    Part 2 of the Tom Colton Goes to China and Gets Inspired to ask WI series Guangdong Province has the dubious honour of bordering both Special Administrative Regions of China, namely Macau and Hong Kong, but it's not like those two are the only island ports in the region. Of the various others...
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    WI: No Reunification after the Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms (Big Troubles and Little Chinas)

    Seeing as I'm in Guangdong/Kwantung/Canton/those guys over the border, thinking they're the only Southern Chinese in the world[1] as of right now, let's explore this situation. [1]you probably have to be Hokkien to get this one It is a truism of Chinese historiography that say unlike Rome...
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    Incredibly pat historical occurrences

    To wit, the sort of thing that, if written in a fictional timeline, would have people complaining that it'd be a bit too on-the-nose. I'm sure there's plenty of them out there, but one that comes to mind is the first music video played on MTV literally being "Video Killed the Radio Star"...
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    Tom Colton's Infoboxes and Other Graphics

    I guess we're doing individual infobox threads now? Ivinghoe, or 'Tis been 200 Years Since All the Presi-Dent's Men The Interview
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    Notification redundancy

    Would it be possible to adjust the notification system to be like AH.com's, where you don't get alerts for likes or quotes on the page you're already browsing? Thanks!
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    Arthur, son of Duke Humphrey, participates in the Wars of the Roses

    Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, younger brother of Henry V, is one of the few figures related to the Wars of the Roses who was universally exalted (at least until the end of his life, where he was tried for treason by William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk for causes acknowledged to be purely...