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    London Mayoral PODs

    Given that the 2021 elections are coming up, I figured this would be an interesting conversation. While Ken Livingstone was the clear frontrunner for the 2000 election, there seemed to be one candidate that could defeat him. Polls showed that 66% of Londoners would probably or definitely vote...
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    WI: Decapitation Strategy Succeeds

    The LibDems in 2005 famously tried to take out the big figures in the Conservative Party, a strategy that didn't work out too well for them (other than Tim Collins losing his seat). Their lofty goal was to take out Oliver Letwin, David Davis, Theresa May, and Michael Howard, allowing for Kennedy...
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    Harold Laski in Government

    According to Wikipedia, in 1923, MacDonald offered Laski a cabinet position and a seat in parliament. Is there any truth to what Wikipedia says and if so, what impacts would Laski have on British politics? To start, could Laski tip the scales in favor of a Lansbury leadership coup after 1924...
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    Join VP-Cabinet Holder

    During the 2020 primaries, there were rumors that Sanders wanted Elizabeth Warren to be both Vice President and Secretary of the Treasury. Back in 1996, Senator Warren Rudman encouraged Bob Dole to offer Colin Powell a joint position of VP and Secretary of State. Of course, neither of those...
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    AHC: Alternate Longest Ruling Leaders

    Currently, the record for longest non-royal leader is held by Fidel Castro at 52 years. From 1959 to 2011, he held some position of power in Cuba; spanning the rule of eleven American presidents and ten British prime ministers. But who could exceed this record? Molotov was considered as a...
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    WI: Colosio not assassinated?

    1994 would be the last time the PRI would win an election until 2012. Initially, the economist Luis Donaldo Colosio was going to be their candidate, but he was tragically killed at a campaign event that year. But what if Colosio says out that neighborhood and the assasination was averted? The...
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    Anthony Eden (1897-1953)

    In June 1953, Winston Churchill suffered a stroke that seemed to be the end of his time as PM. This was not to be the case, as he quickly recovered and his replacement-in-waiting Anthony Eden was seriously ill as well. Eden eventually would take over from Churchill in 1955. However, what if the...
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    AHC: Wank Cool Britannia

    In the 1990s, the cultural period of “Cool Britannia” began, but by the millennium, the phrase had all but died out. So, how the 1990s be made into this image for a much longer period both culturally and potentially even politically (given the association of Tony Blair with Cool Britannia’s image)?
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    de Valera Establishes an Irish Monarchy

    Could de Valera create a unique Irish monarchy through the O’Donnell family? I’d image that there would be some opposition to this, but de Valera would have a lot of political capital. Later on, could it also have an impact on Irish-Spanish relations?
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    WI: Soviet Volkswagen

    Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, one of the most brilliant engineers in the automotive world is probably best known for the sports cars that bear his name. However, he also designed the best selling car in history, the Volkswagen Beetle. Porsche was commended to build the car by Adolf Hitler and his KDF...
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    Oppo Graphics

    based on this