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    Atomic Sealion

    If memory serves Heisenberg's reactor would have been more likely to kill everyone in its vicinity rather than anyone in London or Moscow, although it might make for a good vignette about WAllied troops happening upon a mysterious underground complex which has been filled with cement in early 1945.
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    The Final Countdown: Does US declare War on Japan?

    The Japanese were quite famously wary of admitting the severity of naval defeats IOTL. If memory serves the IJN presented Midway as a victory to the Japanese people and a draw to the Supreme War Council, I doubt they'll be more forthcoming if Kido Butai gets wrecked on the first day of the war...
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    Napoleon's Britain

    What was Napoleon's attitude towards and/or relationship with the Stuarts out of interest?
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    Spike's Alternate History: Nazi's Win WW2 (2011)

    It’s difficult to be too scathing about a failed pilot that brought so much joy to the AH community in the way it crashed spectacularly like the napkinwaffe it features were often wont to do. I remember the anticipation for it at the time and following the watch party on The Other Place, the...
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    Red Fuhrer: Revolution

    Thanks Nick, Jack's done a superb job yet again!
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    Do most of them end up as dominions? I realise much of the world building is subject to rewrites but as far as I was aware the big two are India and Nigeria. The Franco-British having their power enhanced rather than drained by the Second World War without a capitalist America breathing down...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    It’s pointed out quite a few times that the American Revolution wasn’t predestined to succeed, indeed it’s even emphasised that when the Communist party began to win bourgeois elections they would have just been blocked legislatively and judicially from carrying out much of their agenda had the...
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    WI: Immediate Effects of Soviet Europe After WW2?

    "Yes, but I would imagine that they would lose it to the FLN out of grief."
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    WI: Immediate Effects of Soviet Europe After WW2?

    Meanwhile, in Corsica,
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    WI: Immediate Effects of Soviet Europe After WW2?

    There's at least a vignette in that. I remember in The Sorrow and the Pity Eden recalling how he was flying over the French countryside in May 1940 and thinking to himself that he might never see it again, might be something to use.
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    WI: Immediate Effects of Soviet Europe After WW2?

    To a certain extent they'd have to, it's not coincidental that the two Communist countries which had largely liberated themselves during the war where also the most independent in the aftermath. In Albania and Yugsolavia you had regimes which were largely loyal to Moscow in principle but had...
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    WI: Immediate Effects of Soviet Europe After WW2?

    I can see the appeal of using a failed D-Day as the PoD; the Germans are already well on the back foot, the Red Army has completed its transformation into a hardened steamroller and Communist resistance movements are at their strongest and most popular across Europe. Plus it's a well known event...
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    WI: Immediate Effects of Soviet Europe After WW2?

    I'd wager the WAllies might still go ahead with Dragoon. Not quite a second front but if they can capture Marseillie and Toulon quickly enough they could have a dash up the Rhône valley and/or towards the Atlantic coast. At the very least they could put more pressure on German-occupied Italy and...
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    WI: Nazi Victory

    If it's in the name of setting something up later on then fine, Halifunkirk scenarios are ten a penny but if it's for the sake of examining plausibility, then it needs fleshing out. The problem is that the "for whatever reason" bears too much of the burden for it to hold up. Halifax just forcing...
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    Review: Rising Sun Victorious

    I guess the issue is that with Nazi Germany you have quite detailed plans of what they wanted to happen after their victory and a legitimate argument that their foreign policy from 1933 onwards was directed towards those goals. You could make a similar case for Italy (although I doubt there's...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    There's quite a bit of edge on display and occasionally the sudden transistion from swashbuckling adventure to grimdark can be pretty jarring. It feels a bit exploitative, even moreso than you might expect from a book about the SS running Africa and although the main plot is pretty entertaining...
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    Grishin instead of Gorbachev

    Their own economy could likely continue to muddle through at least until the noughties without Perestroika, this in turn would allow them to better help the Eastern Bloc weather the global debt crises. Without any effective reform this is likely to translate into a long-term decline in living...
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    Grishin instead of Gorbachev

    Without the curtailing of economic support to the Eastern Bloc and the policies of Glasnost and Perestroika encouraging a mood of change it's unlikely there'll be the outbreak of protests and strikes in the late eighties to begin with. If anything Grishin, a hawk, would have made it clear that...
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Harry Turtledove

    Serious Final Destination 5 vibes.
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Harry Turtledove

    The notion of ginger addiction amongst Race soldiers being an analogue to the drug problems faced by many American Vietnam veterans was an eye-opener, hadn't thought about it in that way before!