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    NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

    Discuss these four new books here.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    It was recently, and that's actually why I spelled it the Wrong way - the drive to Kiev is very different to the drive to Kyiv.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    True, but I wanted to use a fresh synonym for 'wwii innit'.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    LTTW is sort of cheating, but because major plot elements are about South America, that was what I had in mind.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    Altarctica: Hot and Cold Stories
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    Interview: Tom Black

    Thanks for the write-up, Gary. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years - 7 years before the day we launched, I was finishing school.
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    In Memoriam: Eric Flint

    Rest in peace to a man who certainly left his mark.
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    SLP Publishing Guidelines

    I’ve replied to you, if you’re who I think you are.
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    Expired HTTPS certificate for the forums

    This should be fixed now, thanks to those who flagged it. It's also been set to auto-renew from now on, at least that's what they've told me.
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    AHC: Theresa May, the British Kim Campbell

    I found it very funny dw
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    AHC: Theresa May, the British Kim Campbell

    Wasn’t Kim Campbell the Canadian Kim Campbell?
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    The Nitpicker's Guide to Ancient Warfare: Bows

    Discuss this article by @David Flin here.
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    Alternate History in Star Trek part 7: The Final TOS Films, More Novels and Comics

    Discuss this article by @Thande here.
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    Are we allowed to share fundraiser links

    Yes, but thanks for asking.
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    Subforum fishing trips

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    New moderators

    Please welcome @Heat and @OwenM, who have become moderators of the whole forum. @Redolegna has stepped down and we're all very grateful to him for his sterling work.
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    Napoleon's Britain

    Maybe it's my inner Paradox gamer, but I just had the idle thought that while there's plenty of theories and bits and pieces about Hitler's Britain, how he might've governed it/broken it up etc, I've not seen many about Napoleon. For the sake of argument, say Trafalgar goes the other way and...
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    Subforum fishing trips

    This has been done - PM me to undo.
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    Vignette: Richter of the Reich

    Really nice work, I didn't see the twist coming either (I thought it was meant to be a Commando or Sven Hassel style story). I like the deliberate inaccuracies being used to actually serve a propaganda purpose rather than 'because that's how Hollywood does it'. Makes you wonder, of course, if...
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    "4 3 2 1" by Paul Auster

    It was a “Soviets win but via the west collapsing into revolution in the maybe 1960s” vibe, set in the late 90s with the first generation of revolutionary leaders dying off, which was indeed fascinating. But it was written in a very Contemporary Novel way, yeah.