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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The West and the Second Opium War

    What I find interesting about Qing China is to what extent its ruling dynasty and court elites clung to their Manchu identity even centuries after the formation of the dynasty, and (IIRC) kept Han Chinese distinctly inferior in terms of higher posts right until the end. There is perhaps some...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    I did have an idea of her intervening in Macedonia to "spread the movement" and this causing her downfall after a Kosovo-like US intervention afterwards, though it's too late to include that now, I think. In this revision, let's imagine that she kept within her borders, but New Age economics...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Her Aura Smiles and Never Frowns Leaders/de facto leaders of Bulgaria, 1954 - 2009 1954 - 1983†: General Secretary Todor Zhivkov (Bulgarian Communist Party) (1) 1983 - 2001: General Secretary/First Teacher Lyudmila Zhivkova (Bulgarian Communist Party [1983-1988]; (Neo-) White Brotherhood...
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    Review: Last Flight of the Arrow

    One wonders how long this (otherwise impressive) aircraft would have remained in service, given the Soviet nuclear delivery emphasis started shifting from flying bombers through Canada to missiles around the time it would have entered production. The contemporaneous American F-106 (the last pure...
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    AHC: A Corbyn majority

    Would a Labour majority attempt to/succeed in cancelling the Trident replacement? The OTL vote for renewal in 2016 was pretty crushingly in favor, even among Labour MPs.
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    The Army of A Victorious Third Reich

    What I am interested in knowing is if the traditional German military doctrinal/tactical emphasis will end up shifting for political reasons. Ever since Moltke's days the German military had emphasized leading by task (the "Auftragstaktik"), in which individual commanders would be given wide...
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    WI Bulgarian Monarchy restored after Fall of Communism?

    And if you're wondering why Simeon II was elected PM despite this - he was elected because was a well-known outsider to politics who promised to fix the country's many problems (he failed). Nothing follows from there that the country would want him on the throne again.
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    WI Bulgarian Monarchy restored after Fall of Communism?

    I am not an expert in post-1989 Bulgarian politics, but this really seems very unlikely. The Bulgarian monarchs had been utterly discredited earlier in the century by Ferdinand I's megalomania leading to defeats and multiple national catastrophes, and Boris III's caudillismo and entry into the...
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    Liberal Party collapses in the 50s

    Never understood the decades-long battles over Clause IV given that no Labour PM after Attlee and before Blair* ever attempted to practically implement it in a state socialist way even when it still existed on paper (an exception I can think of is the nationalization of aerospace and...
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    If the Civil Rights Act hadn't been passed, when/would the individual Southern states repeal segregation?

    Didn't know about the Supreme Court case coming up, though it's logical that they would given the Warren Court's assertiveness. If desegration comes through "judicial activism" and enforcement by a Northern Democrat things would get pretty bad, IMO.
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    If the Civil Rights Act hadn't been passed, when/would the individual Southern states repeal segregation?

    Let's assume that due to no one with the legislative genius of LBJ being in office, Southern Democratic senators keep successfully filibustering civil rights bills much later than 1964. With no federal action, would reformist Southern governors and legislatures have started repealing...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    My impression is not that NASL was a bad idea by itself but that it expanded too quickly and quickly became financially unsustainable, unlike the decades-long process this has been in MLS.
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    I'm thinking if there are ways to get football (more) popular in the US earlier than in OTL, when it happened around the US hosting the World Cup in 1994, which led to the subsequent founding of MLS. An earlier World Cup in the US would be the obvious path, but could one have been hosted in...
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    That was too close... Five assassinations that never were

    John Paul II being killed by Mehmet Ali Ağca in 1981 is an interesting WI. Considering Ratzinger was already a cardinal, could he have got in earlier?
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    famous smokers killed by it never smoke?

    LBJ is the one who comes to mind for me, dying quite young from a heart condition aggravated by his smoking. I know Vietnam loomed (and looms) large over his legacy, but perhaps he could have kept the memory of the Great Society alive in some way, and helped prevent some of the excesses of...
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    WI: Benn's Alternative Economic Strategy becomes Labour Party policy

    Would a Bennite government also seek an exit from NATO and nuclear disarmament? When it comes to the AES proposal, I know the economic measures were intended to be temporary, but I can easily seeing them being extended again and again, as once you go full autarkist reintegration into the world...