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    Certificate Expired

    Hi @Meadow, you need to renew the site’s cerificate, it expired 10 minutes ago :(
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    Balfour, The Washington Treaty, The Battleship Holiday and the G3 Battlecruiser design

    I'm struggling to think why on earth they didn't take the first option. The gulf in capability between the two classes was huge. The knockon effects down the line… G3s were seen as battlecruisers by foreign navies, who didn't really understand just how well armoured they were. The RN having two...
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    Tired, Angry, Despondent.

    Tired, Angry, Despondent.
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    2019 Britain ISOT to November 1944?

    Have I, or anyone else on the board done this to you? If not, then my point still stands- you’re being needlessly antagonistic, “reciprocating” annoying behaviour that no one here is guilty of. If they have, then the mature response would be to politely ask them to stop, rather than deliberately...
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    2019 Britain ISOT to November 1944?

    That’s needlessly antagonistic.
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    2019 Britain ISOT to November 1944?

    Please, please, stop referring to all denizens of GB as English. More on topic, regarding Trident guidance; would the star maps still be useful due to stellar drift?
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    Patreon supporter

    Another Patreon question- are you going to look at a way to accept one-off donations, preferably in GBP? Once I'm gainfully employed I could consider Patreon, but the fees I get charged for foreign transactions are quite hefty.
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    AH: Operation Sea Lion – the unmentionable sea mammal

    A good idea to head this off at the pass, as it were. One of the reasons I think it is such a hardy perennial is that it is so deeply intertwined in the national mythos of the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain is important to our psyche, therefore what it "prevented", i.e. Operation...
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    NEWS: A new chapter for Sea Lion Press

    Blimey that was quick! Thanks Meadow.
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    NEWS: A new chapter for Sea Lion Press

    Kudos to all involved in getting this up and running. One quick bit of feedback- the blog doesn’t appear to be adapting to mobile browsers, making it difficult to read on the go. Anything you can do to resolve this?