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    WI: Beagle Conflict escalates into full-blown war

    The Beagle conflict was a territorial dispute between Argentina and Chile over a series of islands in the Beagle Channel that were possessed & governed by Chile but claimed by Argentina. The dispute reached almost war levels in 1978 when an Argentine invasion was aborted only hours after it...
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    AHC/WI: Prime Minister John Redwood in 1995

    I've tried looking around for any threads on this here & on The Other Place and there's a couple of short-lived ones there, but there's a distinct lack of info and most of them tend to die pretty quickly so I thought to have a crack at posing the question here. How much would need to happen for...
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    WI/AHC: A viable & 'successful' left-wing UK political party

    Whilst I know that Labour is a centre-left social democratic party with democratic socialist factions within, what I mean by the title is one that is categorically left-wing in its outlook & policies i.e. one that is at its core and throughout its framework and organisations one that would be...
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    What would a 1980s Tony Benn premiership look like?

    I know there are a few threads on here that ask about how to make the late (and great, to some including myself) Tony Benn PM in the 1980s, however there doesn't seem to be much talk about what his government might look like, the kind of policies it would implement in office, and how successful...
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    WI: Benn's Alternative Economic Strategy becomes Labour Party policy

    This is very much a shot in the dark here, but I'm hoping to get some ideas from learned colleagues and friends on the subject. Suppose that Heath manages to win the Feb. '74 general election with a reduced majority as most of the polling at the time indicated. Still undergoing a major problem...
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    AHC: SDP-style split in the 1950s/1960s?

    Through the late 1940s and early 1950s whilst the Labour Party was still in government, the party started to undergo a major ideological civil war between the left-wing Bevanites and the social democratic right-wing Gaitskellites. A notable example of this is Bevan's resignation as Minister of...