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    Challenge: The most convoluted political system (Southern Africa)

    This is a weird thread title. Bear with me. For some time I've had sort of a half-assed idea to cooperatively come up with the most complicated possible political system. Tricameral or quadricameral legislature, Canadian-style federalism where one federal entity is half the country and some...
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    A brief history of the Skeena and Yukon Railroad

    This idea popped into my head while I was driving in BC last week and I thought I'd type it up quick. Sources are my Very Good Brain plus wikipedia for checking dates, so don't expect deep historical rigor here. In particular, I am not in any way a railway nerd, so the train enthusiasts here...
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    George W. Bush not a pariah in 2008

    On another website, I was engaged in a discussion of what would happen if W. Bush had been popular (at least as popular as 2016 Obama) at the time of the 2016 election. A couple things would be necessary for this. 1) No Iraq disaster. This one is really tough. Basically the only way to make...
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    A U.S. city that never was [almost but not quite AH]

    For a completely non-AH project, I need to have a generic city U.S. city to use as an example. Being a huge AH nerd, after populating my city "Port Franklin" with generic street and neighborhood names, I started fleshing it out. Port Franklin is the largest city the state of Jefferson, in the...
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    India as a Roman successor state

    A possibly truly mad challenge. Would it be possible to have a unified/semi-unified Indian empire of some kind that also views itself as a Roman successor state, at least to the degree the Ottoman empire did? Any POD is welcome, except maybe ones involving Alexandrian India.
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    British Regimental Genealogy 1881-Present

    Not really "graphic", just an AH resource. I claim no particular insight into British regimental history (or how to spell "genealogy") beyond Wikipedia, but I made a chart tracing every British infantry line regiment from before the Childers Reforms to today. I suppose I could do the same...
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    The Baghdad Metro

    Not strictly AH. Here is a map to orient you a bit to Baghdad: In the early 1980's, Saddam Hussein proposed a metro system for the rapidly growing city. This plan was drawn by drawn by Richard Dragun of the Design Research Unit. Not sure the source of this one. Less pretty but more...
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    A different path for the Congo (the Belgian one, Zaire, Congo-Kinshasa, DRC)

    The World Bank keeps GDP statistics going back to 1960. This is very handy because DRC got its independence in 1961. At the time, per capita GNI was $230 a year. India was $90. After crisis, civil war, and decades of Mobutu's kleptocracy, the country completely collapsed in the 1990's. It's...
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    Throughout Earth’s history the largeness of the woman has been considered a virtue. Until the late 19th century women wanting to achieve at that time extraordinary amounts of weight, those of the high 300s and low 400s, had to be born into the nobility or upper classes. At the beginning of the...
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    A frivolous suggestion

    There ought to be some kind of user category with a tag for Sea Lion Press authors, something like the admin or patreon supporter tags.
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    Profile info

    I edited my profile, but can't see the info when I look at my profile. Did I do something wrong?