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    Phantom alerts

    I am getting alerts lighting up but me not being able to check what these alerts are. I have it checked so that alerts don't go away when I click them and I have these alerts that don't seem to actually exist. They go away when I click mark all as read but otherwise it's just a bit strange.
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    A better Labour candidate in the 2021 Hartlepool by-election

    We all remember the omnishambles of the 2021 Hartlepool by-election. I don't think I remember any candidates being discussed other than Paul Williams, but is there any way to get a better candidate in Hartlepool, and who would have been a better candidate? I don't know how possible it would be...
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    Removing muted threads from being visible in sub forum summary

    I can still see the last posts in sub forums that come from threads I’ve muted. Would it be possible to hide these along with the usual muted threads? Can probably guess which thread in particular.
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    The Time for Real Change Project Thread

    I will be collating my Time for Real Change project graphics here. I have recently been doing a second overhaul of the MP portraits, and to start with, this is ten of my remade portraits.
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    WI: Thornberry challenges Corbyn in 2019

    From what I heard from people both here (I think) and on the other place, if Peterborough had been gained by the Brexit Party, Emily Thornberry would have resigned from the shadow cabinet and challenged Corbyn for the leadership. Apparently she had her leadership campaign material all ready to...
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    Ramifications of and lead-up to 1997 Conservative victory following 1992 win

    The Conservatives winning 1997 is pretty much impossible, so long as the Conservatives win 1992. That being said, what torrent of shit would it take to get Labour to lose the election, and what are the ramifications for afterwards. I suspect Blair wouldn't hang around and so perhaps Brown has...
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    WI: Successful Bonfire Night plot to topple Miliband

    Apparently there was a plot to topple Ed Miliband in November of 2014, just over half a year before the 2015 general election. Apparently there was something of a backbench revolt and figures met to discuss the possibilities of alternative leaders to lead the party into the general election to...
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    CTTeller's White Space

    I haven't posted any of the infoboxes that I have made over the last ten months, and as 99% of them are British infoboxes, they should hopefully be of interest to many members of this forum. To start with, here's a Thatcher comeback. Going against doctor's advice, Margaret Thatcher wants to...