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    Would this be possible @Meadow Think it could be useful for works with multiple chapters and discussion and for easy reference to things in discussion threads if there is a big information post or such. and more selfishly I can threadmark character sheets and rules info in my game thread
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    Campaign Cartographer

    Yo - Bundle of Holding now has Campaign Cartographer on sale. It is mainly for RPG use but i'm sure some of the inventive mapmakers here could make use of it.
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    Contest Sub-forum

    As much as a I love the SLP monthly contests, I think with how many threads are being made for each one, they are kind of blocking out the other writing from appearing on the front page. Would it be worth it to make a sub forum for contest entries? Thoughts?
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    History Section

    @Meadow etc I know that technically the whole place is a history section by it's nature, but could we have like a history section for things like where @Skinny87 said he wants to chat tanks but on a general rather than a "this is leading to a POD" level without the pub getting clogged with even...