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    Alternate Careers thread

    Post an alternate career of a person. I'll post one of Boris Johnson Boris Johnson resigned from Parliament following lockdown drinking party violation Health Secretary (2018-2021) Transport Secretary (2015-2018) Minister for London (2010-2011) Shadow Minister for London (2009-2010)...
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    Lib Dem 2005 "decapitation" strategy succeeds

    In OTL, the Lib Dem decapitation strategy failed massively, with many of those targeted increasing their majority. How could it have succeeded and what would have happened to the Tories had it succeeded?
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    What if the Swedish Liberals get second place in 2002?

    If they placed second would they lead the Swedish right or would M come back with Reinfeldt?
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    Ishan's To Be Named Test Thread

    Here's the first box I made for this thread. Ask me anything in this thread if you have any questions.
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    What if Murdo Fraser won?

    Had Murdo Fraser won, the Scottish Tories probably would have split off from the national Tories regionally and changed their name. How would the new party have fared and would there have been a "continuity" Scottish Tory party?
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    What if the NDP won the 2015 general election?

    Let's say that Trudeau never runs for the Liberal leadership in 2013 or he ran a bad campaign. I wonder what would happen to Canada and I wonder what would happen to each party, especially the Liberals since they would be in third two times in a row.