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    What does “ignore” do exactly?

    Yesterday, for the first time either here on AH.com, I placed someone or on “Ignore” (No, it’s not you if you are reading this). A couple hours later I suddenly started wondering, what exactly does it mean to put someone on ignore? I know that I no longer see their posts, but do I see the posts...
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    The Alteration: A Review

    Well, it was high time that I should read a work of alternate history that did not come from a website or have the words Harry Turtledove printed in large, friendly letters on the cover. What should I pick though? I wondered. Through cursory research (fine, picking from a book series whose...
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    Unwanted emails

    Sorry to bother everyone with this, but right now I’m getting email notifications every time someone replies to a thread that I’m watching despite having selected not to in my preferences. Am I doing something wrong?