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    So my second book for sealion is out and ready for enjoyment. As is the custom... what do y'all think?
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    How Tall Is The Grass In Germany

    Rather then clog up another thread on an off topic discussion I shall reply here. My core idea came from me reading about this murder in 1971. His name was John List and he had this nice house, smart kids, pretty wife, mother was cared for... seemed perfect. Man was a sunday school teacher. A...
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    Lincoln and Marx

    I am throwing this out there as it is a really nice slice of history which can be a decent POD for any writers. Hard to see but this is a letter from Socialists, including Karl Marx, sent directly to Lincoln in 1864.
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    The Manson Incident

    I was reading up on the Manson Family. Namely the Sharon Tate murder. That night there was to be a party. Invited but not attending was: Steve McQueen, Quincy Jones, a stunt man friend of Tate, and Tate's co-star in the "wrecking crew" Bruce Lee. Now the Manson Family murders was this huge...
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    Republic Israel... 1780

    I learned that in the 1600s there was an active and wide spread set of Jewish communities inside of the Caribbean. Amongst this was Jewish Pirates. If you go to Jamaica you will find grave markers with Hebrew written under the skull and bones. Add to this that many of these Jews were from...