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    More Successful Novgorod Republic

    Just saw this and it struck me as an interesting idea, any ways people think it could happen?
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    WI: SPD Wins More Seats than the Union in 2005

    At that point the result was very close, the CDU/CSU only got I think four more seats (out of over six hundred total). Presumably there would have been another grand coalition anyway, but with an SPD Chancellor. Would it have been Schroeder (who after all is not anywhere near as humiliated by...
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    Bundeskanzler Barzel in 1972

    What happens if the Stasi bribery is unsuccessful and he gets the votes he needs? Would he need to call a new election as Kohl did in 1983? And, whether the election is in 1972 or 1973, will Brandt's personal popularity be enough without a direct incumbency effect?
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    Nicias isn't too clever by half in 415

    WI he doesn't try to dissuade the Assembly from sending the Sicilian expedition by saying it would need to be three times the size planned, so they send a fleet the size originally intended, and the result when things go wrong is an embarrassing setback rather than an utter catastrophe? Does...
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    Second Amendment Cases Between Miller and Heller

    The two (rather contradictory) main Supreme Court rulings on the amendment in the last century are US v Miller in 1939 ("In the absence of any evidence tending to show that possession or use of a ‘shotgun having a barrel of less than eighteen inches in length’ at this time has some reasonable...
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    More Successful Operation Dixie

    Whilst I doubt it can come close to achieving its aims, is it possible for the CIO's unionisation drive in the South to have more effect? What knock-ons would this have?
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    Whitlam expelled in 1966

    Less than a year before becoming ALP leader, Gough Whitlam was about to be expelled by the Federal Executive for gross disloyalty by seven votes to five. Not having realised the severity of the situation until the meeting began, Whitlam had spent the weeks before campaigning in a by-election in...
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    Wedding of Charlemagne and Irene

    Apparently before Irene was deposed there were plans afoot for this, to resolve the Problem of Two Emperors with a personal union. So what if this went ahead? It seems unlikely it could even last as long as the OTL Carolingian Empire, but also that even having it temporarily could affect...
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    Deadlocked 1860 US Presidential election

    I saw a discussion of this on AH.com a long time ago, but I'm curious as to people's thoughts (and I feel that ended up obsessing too much over arithmetic). Let's assume Douglas wins New York. The election now goes to the House between Lincoln, Breckenridge, and Douglas, and the Senate between...
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    Militant Frank Chapple

    More of a crack POD that could be included in something else than a serious suggestion in itself, but: In his youth, the man who would later, as EETPU General Secretary become known as Britain's most right-wing trade unionist was actually a member of the Communist Party (my Granddad never...
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    Empress Matilda has a surviving son with the Emperor

    What would the consequences of this be? I'm guessing here but I assume the kid would get Franconia but not the Empire on Henry V's death (assuming this isn't butterflied) and then would be a teenager on Henry's death. As someone close to being an adult, with territory of his own and without the...
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    French First Republic constitutional settlements

    Which OTL one could have most easily survived its OTL downfall, and, probably less likely, had actual staying power?
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    George III goes through with abdicating over Yorktown

    Obviously there's a precedent set that the monarch abdicates in response to a vote of no confidence, but what else happens? Who would George IV put in his government, and would he have to end up abdicating as well soon after due to them losing support? Or could we see him doing a Pitt as it were?
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    Original Draft of Second Amendment is version ratified

    What effect would it have on US political history if this had been the finally adopted text of the Second Amendment? Would it have caused issues in the Civil War? (Or intermediate wordings to much the same effect)
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    George Whitfield Persuaded to Oppose Slavery Before It's Legalised In Georgia

    An interesting scenario I saw proposed by Fred Clark on Slacktivist whilst catching up on my blogroll - does anyone think this could go anywhere...
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    Henry VI dead without heir

    Fairly sure there was a thread on this on AH.com, but can't remember details. What happens if Henry dies in one of his episodes before Edward's conception, (or before his birth leading to a the Queen miscarrying)? Presumably York claims the throne, and the Queen and Somerset look for someone...
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    People you follow who are online

    Very technical and I don't in any way expect it to be a priority, but I noticed just now the space showing this on the home page doesn't seem to be working correctly for me at least.
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    Avoiding the SDP Split

    Because I wanted a catchy title, although it's actually a POD ten years earlier I'm not sure would have that effect. Roy Jenkins resigned as deputy leader because he thought he was about to lose a vote in the PLP on the party's EEC stance. However, in Hammer of the Left, John Golding relates Jim...
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    A Greater Plurality of Calendars

    In what ways could we have more calendars in both official and predominant (in a given area) day to day use in modern times than OTL, and what could they be? Obvious survivals boil down to "later adopters of the Gregorian calendar not doing so", but possible new departures include the World...
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    Candidate Biden's Aneurysm

    After Gary Hart's withdrawal, Joe Biden was seen as one of the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination in 1988, but his campaign collapsed in 1987 after a controversy about plagiarism of Neil Kinnock. The following year aneurysm that he required major surgery and a seven moth convalescence to...