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    NEW RELEASES: AlloAmericana and The King's Mission

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    Spain in the Axis: what next?

    It’s the anniversary of the Hendaye talks today. Franco’s not going to swing the war to Germany’s favour, and if the Hendaye demands are remotely met, Hitler may end up with an even worse supply situation and lose even quicker. They probably weren’t going to be able to even take Gibraltar. But...
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    TL191 WI: Featherston’s peace

    I played the Southern Victory mod for HOI4 and in it, if the CSA wins the Second World War it divides the US into military occupation zones. Fairly uninspired but it isn’t clear - from memory - what else they have to play with based on the source material. Featherston keeps saying the CSA will...
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    Get DIVERGE AND CONQUER for free!

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    NEW RELEASES: Look to the West returns as McCarthy goes red and revolution reigns

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    Please use the report function

    Please note that this is not an action nor a condemnation of Japhy or any other poster, but this post is a good summation of something the mod team and I would like to address. This sentiment comes up sometimes and it's difficult to respond to without coming clean about how many reports we...
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    SLP is interviewing Harry Turtledove - what would you ask?

    In an exciting coup, @Gary Oswald has got the man himself to agree to an interview with SLP. We are sending over some questions for him to answer when he can, and the interview will be published on the SLP website when we hear back. What would you like to ask the most successful AH author in...
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    NEW RELEASE: Decking the Shuffle

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    NEW RELEASE: Well Met By Starlight

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    NEW RELEASE: In the Absence of Powder

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    'England Expects': Immersive show For King & Country gets an online prequel

    As some of you know, I'm involved in my other life with creating immersive shows that work more like games than traditional storytelling. The audience has a say in how the story progresses, and in some cases, can even 'win' or 'lose'. I've written about Parabolic Theatre's particularly...
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    NEW RELEASES: Box Press, The Oregon War, Travellers in an Antique Land

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    SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one get one free!

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    NEW RELEASES: Emperors, Empresses, and Presidents

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    NEW RELEASES: 10 more titles, bringing our catalogue to more than 100 books!

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    Users can now set their pronouns

    If you wish to, you can now set your pronouns in a text field in your personal details. This should reduce instances of misgendering or simple confusion over how to refer to a poster. Pronouns will appear next to every post in landscape view (tablets and computers) but unfortunately they won’t...
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    NEW RELEASES: Drake's Drum sequel, Confederate shenanigans, and Mongols in Italy

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    Crisis? What Crisis? - An immersive alternate 1979

    Yes, I'm back on my bullshit and Parabolic Theatre have once again enabled me to create a show so niche that surely nobody could ever possibly want to attend. Except you lot. Taking place in London Bridge from mid-November onwards, Crisis? What Crisis? puts audiences well and truly in the...
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    New moderator: Redolegna

    Please welcome @Redolegna as our newest moderator. The whole team was united in our view that his temperament and friendly attitude make him a great addition. Welcome, or indeed bienvenue, to Angelo.
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    AndyC has stepped down as a moderator

    I'd like to thank Andy for his work as a moderator since this place started up, not only working to keep this place civil and enjoyable, but also helping set the crucial rules that were put in place when we opened our doors as a forum. Sadly, this week he's leaving the moderator team, but I'm...