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    Tom McCall and the Third Force

    Oh my goodness me, indeed. Full Leo-DiCaprio-YOU-HAVE-MY-ATTENTION reaction.
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    AHC: Post War Grand Coalition/National Government?

    If there were some kind of much deeper-than-OTL rift in the parties over Europe, and there were some coherent argument that joining might actually be a panacea for the national crisis, you might get a narrow-majority Europhile grand coalition. But there would need to be amplified stakes and some...
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    Republic Israel... 1780

    Besides the irony (Pinellas County and suburban Orlando say hi...) of a Jewish Florida, it's worth mentioning that there were a rather large number of Conversos on the early northern Spanish frontier in what's now West Texas and in New Mexico in particular (in the latter case, outside the...
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    Incredibly pat historical occurrences

    I too need to believe. If they get reliable cross-sourcing I think you ought to take pride of place and make "Who's Your Daddy" in Ostrogothic (inflections and/or doubled letters very much included) a sig line. It would be fun if the same were true of Ghengiz/Chinggiz...