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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Minor but actually quite notable news: Harry Turtledove has shaved off his beard. He had had it since 1969.
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    If Bonaparte won the Battle of Waterloo…

    Maybe it's the Napoleonic equivalent of 'okay okay but if Sea Lion had worked...', but a related question that came to mind for me the other day was whether there's any good thought given to how a victorious (properly victorious, as in the nations of Europe just stop doing Coalitions to stop him...
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    Automatic Thread Watching?

    I was gonna say, as far as I know I have not turned this off.
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    AHC: Alliance between the far-left and far-right

    I agree that a meaningful thing that lasts isn’t possible, but one of the options for temporary stuff that hasn’t been mentioned is coalition governments in dominant party systems. It doesn’t seem impossible (maybe people who know more about the specific countries will tell me it is) that the...
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    At the 2021 Sidewise Awards Ceremony at DISCON III

    Much to think about here!
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    NEW RELEASES: AlloAmericana and The King's Mission

    Discuss these great new releases here.
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    At the 2021 Sidewise Awards Ceremony at DISCON III

    Thanks for this report from a very interesting space indeed, @SpanishSpy. I’ve been planning a trip to the states - including Chicago - for some years, and Covid permitting I will see what I will do about attending in person at some stage.
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    Drake's Drum

    My father-out-law was delighted to get volume iii for his birthday - excitedly described it to his wife as “it’s about a different WWII, there’s a lot of naval stuff, very good”. I don’t mean to profile Nick’s readers, but if you grew one in a lab…
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    Matthew Kresal wins a Sidewise Award!

    Absolutely tremendous. Many, many congratulations to @M_Kresal, and also to @Jared for editing the collection as well. Great work.
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    Expired HTTPS certificate for the forums

    Seems to be okay now?
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    Expired HTTPS certificate for the forums

    Apparently their support person has just fixed this up. It may take a little while to update.
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    Expired HTTPS certificate for the forums

    I can talk to our hosting company.
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    My name.

    Congratulations, @Jophiel!
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    Spain in the Axis: what next?

    It’s the anniversary of the Hendaye talks today. Franco’s not going to swing the war to Germany’s favour, and if the Hendaye demands are remotely met, Hitler may end up with an even worse supply situation and lose even quicker. They probably weren’t going to be able to even take Gibraltar. But...
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    On Marvel's 'What If...?' as Alternate History

    I have that at my dad's house somewhere, I think.
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    Things that were invented at the wrong time and in the wrong order

    My specialisms (if they can be called that) don't go far enough back in history to really participate, but here's a very odd example of a similar phenomenon: as many know, looking at the floor in GoldenEye 64 means you get a higher frame rate, because you are rendering fewer objects. This is...
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    AHC/WI: Explicitly pro-IRA government in Ireland during the Troubles

    They’d be starting a war that even Washington wouldn’t be able to argue was not, in fact, a war.
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    Drake's Drum

    Not that you and I have any experience of Amazon behaving in such a way…
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    Drake's Drum

    Yes, we’ve soft launched again, for longer than usual as Amazon are disputing something about Red Fuhrer’s copyright (it’s ridiculous, it comes down to it being online already… on our own forum).
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    TL191 WI: Featherston’s peace

    I played the Southern Victory mod for HOI4 and in it, if the CSA wins the Second World War it divides the US into military occupation zones. Fairly uninspired but it isn’t clear - from memory - what else they have to play with based on the source material. Featherston keeps saying the CSA will...