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    FICTION WI: Voyager had taken 75 years to return to the Alpha Quadrant

    I'm watching Star Trek: Voyager at the moment, and this is something that's occurred to me. Our intrepid crew get a lot of lucky breaks over the years, cutting what was originally a 75 year journey to a small fraction of that. But what if it had taken as long as they originally expected - even...
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    Pagans roll a nat20

    Was just watching a CK2 campaign and it got me wondering - how could paganism not just survive but thrive in post-Roman Europe. The idea that initially comes to me is a failed Frankish Empire - Islam rises in Western Europe, while the Schism leaves Christians at each others throats, allowing...
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    The Barrow Gang

    Within their own lifetimes, Bonnie and Clyde earned little fame. They were considered small beer by the FBI, despite their crimes crossing state lines, and were ultimately brought to a bloody end by a posse glued together by a former Texas Ranger, put to the task on the order of the Governor of...
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    WI: The Apollo 11 crew died in quarantine?

    Inspired by this; IOTL, the Apollo 11 crew were quarantined for 21 days upon their return, in case they had contracted 'moon germs'. But what if they had, and had died in quarantine? Of course, this is something of a fantastical premise, requiring a POD billions of years in the past but...
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    PC: African-American autonomy/sovereignty

    It's come up enough its almost a cliche. But I think it's an interesting thought to get stuck into. The idea of African-American sovereignty, either as 'the 49th state in the Union' or as independent state is a long one that runs the gamut of the ideological spectrum from communists through...
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    The Last Demand: Musings on Annual Parliamentary Elections being implemented in the 1920s

    This isn't a TL. It's just somewhere I can put down my ideas. My idea for the POD is no Zinoviev Letter. This leads to no panic before polling day, which led to middle class voters deserting the Liberals to vote for the Conservatives. In this world, the Liberals remain a viable third force at...
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    How To Behave In Britain, 2043: A British 'Fallout' Setting

    CAVEAT THE FIRST: This isn't set in the same world as Fallout. The aim is to capture the same or similar atmosphere of that world, but in a way more suitable to Britain. In this case, rather than the world ending in a Cold War gone hot with atompunk madness everywhere, this will be a world that...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    [Breaks ground with ceremonial spade]