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    Main reason for 1953 coup in Iran?

    Were it the international oil cartels or just cold war politics?
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    Possible American Governor-Generals or ceremonial Presidents?

    With both the Canadian and German general election being held this week, and both countries having ceremonial heads of state, I was wondering who could be an American Mary Simon or Steinmeier? The first name that obviously came up to was Collin Powell. I have a few more names that I came up...
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    President Burton K. Wheeler

    What if Roosevelt lost in 1928, and as a result Wheeler becomes the candidate of the Democrats? How would he have handled domestic affairs, and the war in Europe?
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    President McMullin?

    I know it’s almost impossible to get him into the Oval Office, but let’s say Hillary wins Pennsylvania and Michigan as well and McMullin wins Utah nobody has a majority. Even than McConell and Ryan would probably just get Trump to become President, or if they’re feeling bold Mike Pence. Let’s...
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    Story about the Soviet Union nuking the US

    I remember reading two years ago an AH in which the Soviet Union nuked the United States in the early 1980s. Ted Kennedy was president, John Glenn VP and Lloyd Bentsen was the Secretary of Defense after a Republican administration in 1977-81 (Ford I believe). I also remember Anglo-American...
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    Independent Ulster following WW2?

    How plausible is it that Northern Ireland declares independence from a more war torn United Kingdom. Either because of a worse WW2 or something like Operation Unthinkable going through. Also what would such a nation’a foreign policy look like and how would it treat the Nationalist Irish within...
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    How powerful would a Kuomintang China be today?

    I think we can all agree that in the upcoming decades China will replace the United States as the world's most powerful country. The PRC achieved all of this despite having been one of the most violent and underdeveloped countries for such a long time. I always wondered what a China ruled by...