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    Religion in a Calvinist/Puritan England

    Looking up Anglo-Catholicism and such and inspired. So I lack the knowledge that other posters may have on the matter, but I've been looking up some facts on the period and I'm interested in the question of how Non-Conformism and Anglo-Catholicism in England/Britain might have changed had the...
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    WI: The Balanced Budget Amendment Passed

    So one thing I found out about the balanced-budget campaigns of the 1990s in America was first that it was considered a big deal by the public (or enough of them) and that it was actually the closest of the failed amendments to succeeding via the Congressional method i.e. 2/3rds of the House and...
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    Thatcher at Maastricht

    One of the more bitter aspects of the Tory infighting over the Maastricht Treaty revolved around Margaret Thatcher-practising her role as a backseat driver-coming out against Maastricht and calling for a referendum on the treaty, which a lot of people figured was because she thought it would...