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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Not AH, but I'd say Max Havelaar and later Lord Jim.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    A very interesting and challenging read, too.
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    AHC: Have Germany defeat France by the end of 1914

    It could have planned something better than: the Heer will find a way to resupply itself as it moves forward. It could have OHL actually talking to the Prussian Ministry for War about what their plans were and so how to handle procurement for it. Or talk to the Foreign Ministry about checking...
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    Fiction Friction: Absurd Blurbs and the Riftwar Cycle

    Excuse me, let me miss the point of the article and take offence at a minor thing. There are people who like Paul Kidby's cover art more than Josh Kirby's? And they have found a way to defeat the restraints and access keypads?
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Considering what happened during the conquest and then during the Uva rebellion, as well as the usual "but the trains!" cry when it comes to the Raj, that is in spectacular bad taste.
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    Armada of 1779

    Not post-1763, but to me post-1774. Once it's clear Louis XVI will not release the steam off the pressure cooker which he showed immediately by giving the boot to Maupeou and never sticking through with his ministers, there is going to be something. Depending on the timing (the crop failures are...
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    Armada of 1779

    There was always something. Sometimes it was disease. Because of the issue @Charles EP M. points out and unlikely to be solved. Or the winds just weren't allowing it. Or or or or. At some point, it's time to wake up to the reality there's a systemic problem there that can only be overcome with...
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    Armada of 1779

    Not. The sort of not that makes it doubtful that there could be victory at Chesapeake and thus Yorktown or their ATL equivalent. It was a plan that the French kept having during the long eighteenth century. It never worked. The Navy was better under Louis XVI than it had probably ever been and...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    @Geordie wrote it.
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    Weimar Germany- D,E,F

    Interesting article, particularly about the Führerprinzip being much discussed about before the emergence of the Nazis, but some typos are rather glaring. Keiser instead of Kaiser, Keiserriach instead of Kaiserreich, sighing the treaty instead of signing it.
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    Israel, Palestine, and Malleability versus Accuracy in Alternate History

    I think that's rather SpanishSpy's point. *** Do like Plutarch and instead of Parallel Lives, find Parallel Situations. See how some conflicts were progressively or abruptly deprived of oxygen and what was done differently. And sometimes acknowledge that there is no answer to some crises that...
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    Weimar Germany- A,B,C

    I have seen them described mostly as negotiating tactics: "If you won't give me collective security, I'll have to insist on this to guarantee national security on our lonesome, which no reasonable people would really consider, and I'm only putting it so high as an opening" and then being screwed...
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    Weimar Germany- A,B,C

    It had suffered extensive damage to its merchant fleet. Which was why it demanded a substantial part of the reparations (fair) and because Lloyd George was in campaign mode, set the bar for those reparations quite high, then was fine with them being lowered a lot during further negotiations and...
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    Weimar Germany- A,B,C

    Those sorts of reparations were usually used as ways of paying occupation armies until other clauses of the treaties were properly enforced too. Rarely for such extensive destruction and damage as the Central Powers had caused in the territories they had invaded because they had hardlly ever...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    The key was the landings, I remember you writing, was it not? Have their planes target the boats carrying troops, they have a chance, even if that results in big losses to their airforce, instead of their dogfighting with British cover for the landings, which achieved nothing of strategic value.
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    British Norway

    This reads very well in Peter O'Hanrahanrahan's voice.
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    Would that be Hannsjoachim W. Koch who wrote that article you're linking to?
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    Max, that's simply brilliant and if they don't know how lucky they are to have you, all the people involved in teaching on this board will gladly come to Düsseldorf and scream at them for a bit.
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    Charles Lindbergh challenges FDR

    Dammit, his three German liaisons were all postwar, would have been funny to see that bombshell go off.
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    Albums from alternate timelines

    MOD POST: The link you posted went against rule 2 of this board and has thus been removed, this is your formal warning not to do such things again.