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    US Loses in Spanish-American War

    I feel like reversing the outcome of a war is pretty basic AH, but I can't recall seeing this particular question ever floated before. Suppose Spain successfully defends its colonial holdings from the US- I don't pretend to be a military expert so I'm afraid I don't have a specific POD in...
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    AHC/ WI: American Gendarmerie

    What if rather than the often labyrinthine system of municipal, county, and state police agencies the United States adopted a single federal service for policing? A designated uniformed branch responsible for everything from routine patrol and traffic all the way up to investigating serious...
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    The Las Vegas of the Plains

    In broad terms, Las Vegas serves the West Coast and Atlantic City serves the East Coast. What are some possible candidates for a similar resort town for the Midwest and Upper South? With all the trappings of those two cities: legalized gambling, glamorous high-rise hotels, major entertainment...
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    East German Combat Troops in Africa

    Over the course of the Cold War, up to 4000 East German military advisors were dispatched to various Soviet aligned countries in Africa, most notably Angola, Mozambique, and Ethiopia. Suppose East Germany, like Cuba, escalates their involvement in Angola or Ethiopia and sends actual combat...
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    President Buddy Cianci

    Let's assume Providence mayor Buddy Cianci manages to avoid or cover up the scandals of his career and lives up to the early hopes of the Republicans by becoming governor of Rhode Island and a player on a national level. He is groomed as Reagan's heir and serves as VP in Bush Sr's place...
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    The American Mafia in a World with no Castro

    The Mafia was heavily invested in Cuba in the 50s, a tax haven for their illicit dollars that they were busy building into a tourist paradise. Batista welcomed the business and offered a great deal of support. In a world where the Cuban Revolution falters and Cuba remains a pro-American...
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    Too Many Flags

    Lyndon Johnson expended a lot of diplomatic capital trying to convince other countries to join anti-communist forces in Vietnam, in an effort to replicate the multinational effort from the Korean conflict and deflect accusations of American imperialism. Despite courting several nations, his Many...
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    WI: Roanoke Colony Survives and Thrives?

    As a fan of unsolved mysteries (though in this case the solution is fairly clear but has been obfuscated by embellishments and omissions in many popular accounts), I've always been intrigued by the failure of the Roanoke colony in modern-day Virginia. One cannot help but wonder what might have...
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    WI: US tea culture

    Pretty simple question, really- what kind of POD might result in tea being drunk more than coffee in this the United States? Especially if drinking tea isn't viewed as effete or eccentric.
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    WI Dennis Kucinich Murdered in 1978?

    From Wikipedia: Further details available here. While I have serious doubts about the veracity of this story, let's assume for a moment there genuinely was a successful plot by the Scalish family to assassinate Dennis Kucinich, capping off a violent gang war against the Irish Mob. This...
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    The Big Three: Charlton Comics as Major Line

    Charlton Comics is a major "what could have been" for comics enthusiasts. With top flight talent and an exciting cast of characters (not to mention a strong presence in sci-fi/ horror that the larger lines neglected after the 50s), they seem on paper to have been poised to become a competitor to...
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    WI Bulgarian Monarchy restored after Fall of Communism?

    Upon return from exile in Spain in 1996, Simeon II of Bulgaria entered politics and served a stint as Prime Minister. However there were (and still are) some calls to restore the Bulgarian monarchy after it was abolished by the Communist government. With a clear continuity, it is more plausible...
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    WI: RC Cola as #1 Soda

    Sometimes it's a nice change to think about a lower stakes situation. In the US, Royal Crown Cola (Keurig- Dr. Pepper's cola offering) is a distant third in sales behind Pepsi and Coca-Cola. What circumstances can lead to Pepsi and Coke both losing the Cola Wars to allow for a dark horse...
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    WI: Sino-Indian Limited Nuclear Exchange

    I feel that out of the usual nuclear exchange scenarios this is not one I've ever seen suggested. Granted, it is very unlikely but the possibility is always there when two nuclear powers engage in direct conflict, like China and India have done at several points. For argument's sake, we might...
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    WI: Jewish Mob Holds On?

    At one time, and especially during Prohibition, Jewish-American gangs were one of the premier forces in American organized crime. Major cities were ruled behind the scenes by men with names like Cohen, Rothstein, Lansky, Blumenfeld, and Zwillman. However, their fortunes declined throughout the...
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    What if the IRA successfully assassinated John Major?

    A simple premise, really. Basically curious what would be the immediate aftereffects if the IRA got in a lucky shot during their mortar attack on 10 Downing Street in 1991 and successfully killed not only the PM but most of the Cabinet. What immediate effects can we see for Northern Ireland...