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    One Morning in Yangon: Part 2

    I thought about that, but then I decided I liked this alot more as "A Day in the life of a Yangon Police Detective".
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    One Morning in Yangon: Part 1

    Thanks. This whole thing started with some conversations and thought experiments with fenwick about topics such as "How could you have a protestant reformation in a cthulhu cult" "could a cthulhu cult be a functional society"\ Oh and I have enjoyed the idea of a guy in a lovecraftianish society...
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    Forgotten Conflicts: The Libyan-Chadian War

    i would pay alot to be a fly on the wall for when Chad figured this out. I miss that game so much I have several more in my head. Eritera and Ethiopia is liable to happen, as is the Ogaden War.
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    NXIVM-Layers within Layers

    I mean these groups get a non zero amount of money from people who make one poor choice. Honestly I think Scientology wins that fight. Perhaps even literally, David Miscavage is a bad person but apparently he is in good physical shape. Kieth Raniere was not... Actually that is a weirdly funny...
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    Aum Shinrikyo

    Its...they probably didnt but the evidence is still interesting
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    Adi Da Samraj

    Honestly Bubba Free John makes me chuckle even more. But yes it is
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    Adi Da Samraj

    A reasonable look at this one
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    Rajneeshi Community

    Man I didnt think of it during the article, but if the church of scientology had realized this was an option... Seriously an interesting point. Perhaps this gets bought up by a tech company or something.
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    Rajneeshi Community

    The funny thing is I often even here people call it Dravidians in speech which is where it gets jumbled in my head. Honestly of all the cults I will talk about I feel that the Rajneeshi's had the greatest chance of having a real functional government (well, them and other Ill get to later). But...
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    Amazon Canada Issue

    That seems to have worked, thanks!
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    Amazon Canada Issue

    Hello So my friend was trying to buy my book and got this image. He is in Canada but on amazon.com
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    NEW RELEASE: Freedom's Rampart

    Im reading it. Super unusual situation so far. Really digging it
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    New Article Writers Wanted!

    I could potentially write some articles about alternative directions various odd religious movements have gone or could have gone. I have some interesting life experience with members of groups ranging from the Theosophical Society to the Rajneeshis.
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    Has anyone read Turtledove's Through Darkest Europe and could volunteer a review?

    I get the feeling he just runs out of ideas. That and also turtledove is, for better or for worse, the closest thing to a mainstream AH author
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    Has anyone read Turtledove's Through Darkest Europe and could volunteer a review?

    Turtledove has a problem where alot of his stuff I want to try and read but then I remember that its Turtledoove and remember feeling that I will be dissapointed.