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    You won't have Nixon to kick around any more.

    1962 California gubernatorial election ← 1958 November 6, 1962 1966 → Nominee Pat Brown Richard Nixon Governor Brown failed to get a pass a $1.25 per hour minimum wage, and Brown's opposition to capital punishment was overruled by the practice's being supported statewide...
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    This Day in alternate history

    August 15–17, 1969 Folk singer Charles Manson played for thousands of young people for the Woodstock concert. When asked if he was a hippie ,Manson said "I was born in 1934 am a beatneck". September 15.1969 Frank Zappa and his followers known as the mothers of invention were...
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    King George

    What if we had a king George Washington instead of president Washington?
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    Charles Lindbergh challenges FDR

    W.I. Lindbergh was the 1940 Republican nominee?
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    A Natural born states man: u.s. president Vladimir Putin

    If someone says nyet to your dreams tell them you will try anyway. 14 months before Vladermeir Putin was born his parents emigrated to the United States.Putins dream as a child was to be a character in a book he in a way achieved as he is in history books. as a teen he listened to...
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    Howard the duck for president

    Trapped in a world he never made. Howard in 1975 fell into a hole in time and now lives in.cleveland Ohio with his red haired friend Beverly Sweltzer. In Cleveland Howard has met doctor bong.the kidney lady and other strange people.Now the peoples party has nominated Howard for president Against...
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    Bremmer shoots Nixon

    June 17.1972 t Loner , out cast lifelong misfit had recently had his girlfriend break up with. Convinced shooting and killing 37th president of the United States would be retribution for a hum drum life. After stalking his target for months Bremer shot the president while coming out of a...
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    pernament Third party in United states.

    What would it take for a third party either Anerican independent party or Ross Perrot reform party becoming a major political party in America?
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    A Nixon presidency in 1961-1965

    If Nixon had won in 1960 many things would be different first Cuba would have a new leader by end of 1961.1964 i believe Humphrey would challenge president Nixon.
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    Stevenson goes for a 3rd try.

    In this scenario no one blames Adali to losing to Eisenhower a 2 time s in a row he was a popular general what do you expect.j.f.k drops dead from addsion. Stevenson picks Lyndon Johnson to carry the south how would Adail approach a debate with Nixon??
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    Soviet Star Trek

    In 1976 Soviets take heart to star treks Checkove. The ulgy Americans have made one us a ensign why not we contact this Gene Roddenberry in our star trek Chekov will be the Federations greatest captain he is Russian so how can he not be great?
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    Pop culture in a scenario where the British empire still reigns

    How would shows like oo7.Doctor who the beetles exist in a British empire what if??
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    Russia keeps Alaska?

    What would be the butterfly affects of Alaska never joining the union and remains a Russian state??
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    w.i.General Grant killed

    Can the North defeat the confederacy if Grant is killed? by the way I think it is possible.
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    John Adams wins reelection

    Will Thomas Jefferson try again ? ? How will this affect Quincy from running later on?
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    Alternate running mate for Eisenhower in 52

    Instead of then California senator Richard Nixon what other politician of that era would of made a good running mate for Eisenhower?
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    Alternate a.g. for President kennedy

    For some reason President Kennedy doesn't pick his brother for Attorney General who could he have chosen instead? Does Robert Kennedy run for Governor in the 60"s
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    Roosevelt in 1912

    Is there any way Teddy could of won in 1912?