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    My name.

    Why hello there :)
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    No Congo Free State

    People with journal access will find this useful and interesting: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02582473.2020.1832142?journalCode=rshj20
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    No Congo Free State

    A fair number of my primary sources for my thesis mention how similar in climate Katanga was to Northern Rhodesia, and how it was a shame (to white contemporary commentators) that that particular province wasn't part of Greater Rhodesia politically, although even in OTL it was heavily tied to it...
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    Kindle rankings

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    Spain in the Axis: what next?

    Equatorial Guinea gets rapidly seized by British colonial forces at least.
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    Spain in the Axis: what next?

    I was under the impression that literally the only thing keeping Spain from starving during WW2 was American grain imports?
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    Kindle rankings

    Honestly pleasantly surprised to see Ruimtewedloop in top 100.
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    Ruimtewedloop is now Available on Amazon!

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ruimtewedloop-Charlton-Cussans-ebook/dp/B09HHL4GN8/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=sea+lion+press&qid=1633782523&sr=8-1 So my first published story is now available on Amazon, thanks to the good people of Sea Lion Press :)
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    Kindle rankings

    Well that's cool :D
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    Review: Long Reach by Mike Lunnon-Wood

    Let us know how it is?
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    The Ballad Of Mike Sparks

    I'm now reminded that Pentagon Wars is in of itself kind of bullshit.
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    The Ballad Of Mike Sparks

    Oh God Sparky Gavin that brings me back.
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    WI: Nuclear Fusion Achieved

    I think focusing on the possible impossibility of fusion is ignoring the various ramifications of this PoD.
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    Review: Long Reach by Mike Lunnon-Wood

    I really want a review of Dark Rose, which I've heard described as exceptionally silly but also very good.
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    What Are Some Interesting PODs For The French Revolution?

    A different approach to the state's relationship with the Catholic Church* and/or a different approach to the Royal Veto would be interesting PoDs.
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    gorrister's graphics & general testing zone

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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Avoiding this issue is why decolonisation happens earlier and quicker in OFAHL but also happens better, generally speaking. I've actually tried really hard to make it a timeline about South Africa as an African state, as a free & democratic African state much earlier than OTL.
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    Fight and Be Right

    Ah I see l. Sad to hear it but fair enough.
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    Fight and Be Right

    Why is it never going to be finished?
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    2001 Restoration of the Afghan Monarchy

    The Safavids depended on religious orders but were in many respects a traditional dynasty as I recall.