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    Twelve Days in June: An American Spring

    Stumbled on this AH audio drama; it's pretty good so far about an alternate 2020 election. https://open.spotify.com/episode/03AV861FLBWeKDdqncMKo0?si=y_Unqpf-RDatiNn7yNbtjw Here's the ebook version...
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    WI: No Kerensky Offensive.

    The Kerensky Offensive was supposed to be a morale booster for Provisional Government, but it fell apart at the seams to a German counter-offensive which led to the July Days, the Kornilov Affair, and finally the October Revolution later that year, but what if Russia stayed on the defensive as...
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    What does an Nazi economic collapse look like?

    There's a thing in alternate history circles and among economists that if the Nazis did not go to war in 1939 their economy was going to implode. It was because of the extreme military overspending and the fact that the pre-war economic growth was sustained on MEFOs which were glorified IOUs...
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    WI: Yuan Shikai dies before declaring himself Emperor?

    Yuan Shikai was the head of the Beiyang Army in the late Qing era and the first president of the Republic of China who tried to declare himself emperor with Japanese support which backfired badly and led to the Warlord era for a generation or two depending on how well you view the Northern...
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    Napoleon exiled to St.Helena first rather than Elba.

    Napoleon after the War of the Sixth Coalition was exiled as the Emperor of Elba after his defeat. Now we all know that he escaped and kickstarted his death ride of the Hundred Days campaign. After that the coalition decided to exile him to St. Helena where he died in the 1820's. Now the question...
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    WI: Zhang Zuolin stays put.

    Manchuria in the warlord era was one of China's most industrial and richest parts led by Zhang Zuolin, however it was wasted away when Zhang invaded and started the second Zhili-Fengtian war. The aftermath of the conflict opened up the way for Northern Expedition to de-jure unify China under the...
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    The Russian Orthodox Church without WW2.

    Hello all. I have a question. Let's assume there isn't a Second World War for whatever reason ranging from the Weimar Republic surviving to the Nazis stopping after Munich. Without the Eastern Front forcing the Soviet government to reconcile with the Moscow Patriarchate. This led to the...