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    Ruimtewedloop is now Available on Amazon!

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ruimtewedloop-Charlton-Cussans-ebook/dp/B09HHL4GN8/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=sea+lion+press&qid=1633782523&sr=8-1 So my first published story is now available on Amazon, thanks to the good people of Sea Lion Press :)
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    I'm having tremendous trouble responding to threads

    I can't post comments or reply to comments in threads. I've got this issue on my computer and on my phone, although it seems to go away on my phone when I use my data and not my WiFi.
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    I keep on getting kicked out of the Forum and having to log back in!

    Like the title says really; any suggestions?
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    What-If: The 19 April 1989 Turret Explosion Sinks The USS IOWA?

    So, on the 19th of April, 1989, the No.2 Turret on the USS Iowa exploded, killing 47 sailors and destroying the turret. Now, thanks to the effort of firefighters and a bit of good luck, the fire didn't shed and no further damage was done. But what if it had spread? What if through bad luck or...
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    Did anyone in the Argentine government want to continue the Falklands War?

    Like the title says, was their anyone after the Argentine forces on the Islands surrendered advocating that the war continue? Would this have even been practical?
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    So, the premise is that the Soviet's land on the Moon first, and the Space Race escalates from there.
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    British Military Response to the murder of Yvonne Fletcher?

    So yeah, could the murder of Yvonne Fletcher result in a British military response and what form would this take?
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    How many nukes could be PREVENTED from launching in the event of an accidental exchange?

    Let's say the 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident causes an actual Soviet strike, and the Americans retaliate. Would their be time once (assuming) the Soviets realise there mistake to mitigate the number of nuclear weapons being used?
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    Netflix is doing an Alt-History Series

    Set in an alternate Poland where the Cold War never ended, with a POD in 1983. https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/the-first-polish-netflix-original-series-is-currently-in-production
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    How would the Spanish Republic handle it's colonies?

    Let's say the Civil War doesn't happen for whatever reason? How does a a surviving Spanish republic handle it's colonial possessions?
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    What If: The Raid on Bin Laden goes wrong/combat with Pakistani forces?

    Basically, I was wondering what the consequences would be if the Navy SEALs who got Bin Laden ended up being engaged in combat by Pakistani military forces? Could this possibly have happened, could they have survived, and what would the consequences be?