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    WI: No Renner Government / Soviet Liberation of Vienna ?

    Reading up on early Cold War Austria, it appears that the Western Allies originally had no intention of re-establishing the 1920 Austrian Constitution and would have instead preferred a bottom-up reconstruction of the Austrian state like how things happened in Germany. Instead, the Soviet...
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    AHC/WI: Independent Cape Dominion

    Building on the thread back in December on the possibility of a federal Union of South Africa, I was very curious as to how to keep the Cape Colony as an independent dominion, separate from the other British entities or Boer republics in modern-day Soth Africa. I believe that there was mention...
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    WI/AHC: Federal Union of South Africa?

    I was recently reading about the negotiations between the British colonies in today's South Africa and the intense debate over the territorial structure of what was to be the Union of South Africa and in the South Africa Act of 1909. According to Wikipedia, most of the colonies' governments...
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    Well, since everyone else seems to have one, I guess it's only fair I join in. Let's start with an idea I had a while ago:
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    AHC/WI: Alternate successor to Adenauer?

    In 1963, Konrad Adenauer was succeeded as West German Chancellor by Ludwig Erhardt. Erhardt had been Adenauer's successful Economy Minister since 1949, and was seen as the father of the German economic miracle of the post-war era. He was also far more anglophile and anti-EEC, francophobe than...