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    Alternate History General Discussion

    There are two obvious scenarios where this kind of thing could happen. The first is the "Jacobins" winning outright and becoming the main established party in a democratic state. Over time these Jacobins become outright centre-leaning and/or the overton window shifts leftwards. The second...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Hang on, I missed that bit! Isn't this literally Futurama's explanation?
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 4

    I'm in as well!
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I've got the impression that Utopia's are unpopular in AH in general - online and published - I think part of it is "lack of conflict makes for a bad story", but that's not all of it. Utopian storys have two other problems. The first is common to Utopian sci-fi as well - that what you...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Just occasionally you can do a bit more with them. The obvious example is creative use of red links. And one of the more interesting ones I saw was of a "vandalised" wikibox; I can't remember the exact context but it was some sort of insurrection/rebellion/crushed protest and the vandals had...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Sea Lion Press itself, as I understand it, was always an attempt to move towards the "narrative" and away from the "lists and wikiboxes" style of AH. Arguably it hasn't yet succeeded to the extent perhaps hoped initially but as a community we're a lot more focused on "the story" now than...
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    The SLP Flag Thread

    It should also be pointed out that "in universe" this collection of flags would have been compiled by people for who this flag evokes the same kind of emotional effect that a Swastika does for us, so arguably that's the emotional reaction you're going for.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Alternate Tastes of London - Andrew Brooks and Ekaterina Odnostorntseva Might be worth resurrecting the collaborative lists thread for that one; I'd need to think of some ideas there but I'd like to chuck something in.
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    AHC: Keep the London Underground as the largest RTS in the world

    Such blatant Transilien and Tram erasure smh. FWIW the London underground is arguably closer to the RER in scope though not in train size; the stations are every 1600m on average (700m for tree Paris metro and I believe 2km for the RER though I can't find the actual stat right now), and of...
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    Prequel Problems: Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern

    I've read most of the series multiple times (starting with Dragonsdawn because that's the one my parents had, something of a recurring theme with me and prequels), and they were some of my favourite books as a teenager. But I've never gotten around to the Harper trilogy, and honestly I don't...
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    Cartographicum Thandeum

    Serbo-Croation springs to mind for the wars. Do the colours mean anything in particular or are they just arbitrary? I thought they were vaguely to do with language groups but then the Celtic languages are the same colour as the Germanics.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    But there's not even much "the other side still loses but it takes longer". Make it even more "darkest before the dawn" than OTL was isn't marketable? Festung Europa I guess falls under that, forgot about that one.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Oddly enough I don't think I know many World War 2 AH's (as in PoD between 1937-ish and 1945) that aren't "Nazis win", particularly not long form stuff. The only ones I can remember really reading is a Lord Halifax one that didn't get very far, and that Stalin SI; I know there's also the...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I feel it would be most remiss of me, given where we are, not to mention "Admiral's Army" which is honestly a kind of inspired way to do it -take a songwriter who historically wrote political songs and then change the politics.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    There's actually a Stephen Baxter short story - "The Twelveth Album" which discusses an additional Beatles album that comes out in 1971. The big advantage in that specific case is that all the Beatles actually wrote songs so all Baxter needs to do is discuss how they would have played these...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Right, but you have Sarko defeating Macron in 2015 but not entering office until 2020 for example.
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 3

    I'll admit that it didn't occur to me that this wasn't the case in universe, just because I fully assumed that this was one of the conspiracy theories for the exact same reasons as you did. Of course even if he was falsely accused this doesn't actually contradict my version either - when the...
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 3

    I also struggled with this one, not because what I was given wasn't interesting, but because I didn't know where to take it next. I struggled between an idea that would basically just be a repeat of what I understood @Makemakean to have given me - that Conan Doyle was Jack the Ripper. But I...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Anthony "Dead Would Rise" Benn, Corpsemaster-General, Leader of the Shadow Cabinet.
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    Map Commons

    That was actually my introduction to the Other Place and to "TL" AH; maybe even to written AH in general beyond 2-page conterfactual musings though I'd maybe read Man in The High Castle by this point, can't quite remember. I can't remember what I googled exactly but that came up, I found it...