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    AHC/WI: Earlier Labour split

    I was genuinely surprised that it took until 2019 for Labour MPs to en masse quit the party. It seemed inevitable that there was going to be some kind of split in 2018, perhaps the peak of the anti-Semitism crisis. I guess that for this you don't only need political will, but also funding and...
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    Prevent Brown from becoming Labour leader in 2007

    What is your best way of preventing Gordon Brown from succeeding Tony Blair in 2007? Try to avoid a petrol bomb over his flat or something. One possible suggestion I have is Brown making a move against Blair, perhaps in the lead-up to the 2005 general election. The two apparently had a deal...
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    AHC/WI: Maastricht referendum

    What conditions would be necessary to force John Major into calling a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, and how would the referendum go?
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    Earlier Labour split

    In what ways and when could the Labour Party split before the Gang of Four in 1981? Ideally, the split would come some time between 1945 and 1980. Two possibilities I can think of are: a split in the 1950s, by either the Gaitskellites (creating the Reform Party) or the Bevanites (forming a...
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    WI: Denis Healey wins the 1980 Labour leadership election

    What if Denis Healey became Labour leader in 1980, instead of Michael Foot. I'm not sure how you change the election, perhaps make Healey less of a dickhead during it. How would Labour perform under Healey? Their 1983/84 election manifesto wouldn't take the left-wing stance that it did, though...
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    AHC/WI: Labour win in 1959

    How can a Labour majority victory be achieved at the 1959 general election, or at least Labour as the largest party? It was an election that many expected Labour to win, or at least beat the Tories. But obviously, the Tories never had it so good. But how could that have been avoided? The...
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    WI: Conservatives win 10 fewer seats in 2017

    I've sobered up The pod is that labour do ten seats better/Tories ten seats worse, so that Tories+DUP doesn't add up to a majority. What would've happened immediately? I think that Theresa May would've likely been coup'd - she almost was otl despite forming a government. But if/when she...
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    AHC: Thatcher leads Tories into a fourth general election

    With a POD no earlier than 1st January 1989, make Margaret Thatcher lead the Conservatives into a fourth general election, either in 1991 or 1992. Bonus points if you don't go for a Labour Implodes POD, and extra bonus points if Thatcher wins a majority.
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    YouTube embedded videos clipping over into other posts

    I'll just post a screenshot to explain what I mean. I'm using Chrome.
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    AHC: Destroy Labour post-1979, 'Lib Dem' majority by 2000

    The AHC is to destroy Labour as a party of government or opposition, preferably with a POD in 1979, or a minor POD earlier (different Cabinet careers etc), and with the end result being a centrist/moderate party having a Commons majority by 2000, with the Conservatives as the opposition. My...