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    thank you (from both me and geronimo who messaged me from heaven)

    thank you (from both me and geronimo who messaged me from heaven)
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    AHC/WI: Earlier Labour split

    I was genuinely surprised that it took until 2019 for Labour MPs to en masse quit the party. It seemed inevitable that there was going to be some kind of split in 2018, perhaps the peak of the anti-Semitism crisis. I guess that for this you don't only need political will, but also funding and...
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    Corbyn PODs

    Theresa May stalling and postponing an election call is thoroughly within her character. Corbyn just going like that simply isn't. He viewed his leadership as a fundamental duty to repay the faith the membership had placed in him and he'd stay out till the bitter end. See OTL.
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    Corbyn PODs

    the dream it's the july 2019 general election. corbyn and may successfully negotiated a soft brexit deal and forced it through parliament. w leave the eu as scheduled. there might have been a few deselections but it's okay because theresa may is still tory leader and "proud" by heather small...
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    Harold Wilson, uninterrupted (1964-1974)

    I'm not the Harold Wilson expert around here, but the consensus is that he would've stepped down by 1973 at the latest. I think he'd have likely tried to get EEC accession through and have that as a legacy, before going. By the 1970s, Wilson was an exhausted man. He's definitely someone who...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    I wonder which Tory MPs, if any, would've defected to UKIP after a Remain victory in 2016.
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    A rocky road to the presidency (President Rockefeller in 1968)

    So the Republican ticket will be Rockefeller/Tower? Nice.
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    Something has happened to me

    Also, Rudda
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    I like this idea, I've suggested it in the PMQs thread. My idea was that it's a merger of International Trade and International Development.
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    Prevent Brown from becoming Labour leader in 2007

    What is your best way of preventing Gordon Brown from succeeding Tony Blair in 2007? Try to avoid a petrol bomb over his flat or something. One possible suggestion I have is Brown making a move against Blair, perhaps in the lead-up to the 2005 general election. The two apparently had a deal...
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    AHC: The SDP goes the way of TIG

    I think Khan and the Miliband brothers have pretty big sway. Others, like Cooper and Hilary Benn, are popular big names within the Labour soft left so could help bring more of them along - ie people who are in the camp so not normies, but not necessarily the political obsessives. I wonder...
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    AHC: The SDP goes the way of TIG

    As for AHC TIG, I don't think it'd have ever succeeded without Ed Miliband, Yvette Cooper, and maybe someone from the current shadow cabinet, perhaps Ashworth. Also bonus points if you manage to get Sadiq Khan to quit Labour as well, and try to Ken Livingstone his way to re-election in 2020. I...
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    The Coalition of 2010-2015

    Indeed, I can see Gordon Brown insisting on staying on at least until the coalition is secure, so 2011/12 at the earliest. From what I've read he never intended to stay on until 2015. He was going to say that he wouldn't serve a full Parliament but was persuaded against this by Peter Mandelson...
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    Actors who ran for office or were approached to?

    Not strictly an actor, but Katie Price stood in the 2001 general election as an independent.
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    Actors who ran for office or were approached to?

    Democrats in Ohio tried getting Martin Sheen to run for the Senate in 2006ish. His 9/11 Truther views and Kennedy assassination theories would've made that slightly more awkward.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    i need a shower
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    Formula One whatifs

    The thing with Brawn is that the team were convinced (rightly so) that their 2009 car would compete for the title, based on their interpretation of the new regulations. And they were right, their blown diffussr was miles ahead of what other teams, and once the FIA allowed it for the rest of the...
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    Formula One whatifs

    What if Schumacher was healthy enough to return with Ferrari in 2009 after Massa's accident? Could butterfly his move to Mercedes, depending on the length of the contract. Could even try to force his way back into the team on a permanent basis if he won races at Ferrari. And of course, would...
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    Formula One whatifs

    Hill could've still been competitive in 1997 in the right car. But his drop-off at Jordan was dramatic, he was miles off the pace against Frentzen.
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    Formula One whatifs

    For me an interesting POD is what if Damon Hill wasn't sacked in 1996.