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    German Intervention in the Russo Japanese War

    So its come to my attention recently that the Tsar genuinely seemed to take German support as a given thanks to the Kaiser being his usual diplomatic self and stirring up shit without really thinking things through. Now the Anglo Japanese alliance seems a very definite reason for the Germans...
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    Gettysburg Campaign Continues?

    Gettysberg whilst seen as the turning point of the Civil war (often with double billing with Vicksburg) and a clear Union Victory was at the time and forever after seriously controversial for Lee being allowed to escape afterwards with his army intact. At the time it was seen as a disappointing...
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    WI Battle Of The Boyne Stuart Victory?

    This has been on my mind for a couple of days since the battle came up in discussion yesterday irl and upon looking into it as ever it seems ripe for PODs. William was wounded on its eve and could very easily have been killed, James panicked and deployed his forces incorrectly, the order to...