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    Corbynism without Corbyn? A different labour left leader in 2015

    As it says on the tin, really. Who else could have ridden the wave to the Labour Leadership in 2015. Doesn't necessarily have to be in the SCG, but that might be a good place to look. I don't think Corbynism without Corbyn works once you've had Corbyn. Too much of the movement was tied up in...
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    WI Model is captured or killed during Operation Market Garden?

    As it says on the tin. The Arnhem landings were sufficiently close to Osterbeek that Model initially thought the aim of the drop was to snatch him. Maybe combine this with the fact that a German staff car was shot up (by 3 Para, iirc) and have Model be the one who gets caught by the Airborne...
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    WI: Napoleon, Prince Imperial, survives?

    Assuming that the unrecognised Napoleon IV survives his trip to Africa, and covers himself in at least some renown, what is there in his future? Is there any real modicum of Bonapartist support in the hexagon that he could have harnessed? Could there have been, given a surviving Prince...
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    Earlier possible American Civil Wars, prior to Kansas-Nebraska Act?

    How soon can the slaver aristocracy of the south decide that owning people is worth a war? Does no Missouri Compromise lead to a war in 1820 or so? Are there opportunities for further blowup prior to the Mexican-American War (maybe with Texan entry to the US), or is everybody likely to...
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    The Duce and the Diving Board - Mussolini climbs down in 1940

    "I think he must do something. If he cannot make a graceful dive, he will at least have to jump in somehow; he can hardly put on his dressing-gown and walk down the stairs again." General Wavell This was said after Mussolini had declared himself to be non-belligerent, rather than neutral, when...
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    The forum seems very slow to me. Wading through particularly gelatinous treacle. Is this a me issue, or a site one?
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    WI Ajax Aborted

    So, as the title says, what happens if Operation Ajax (and, technically Operation Boot, the concurrent UK operation) are called off, or just never happen? Maybe Anglo-Iranian Oil agree to the audit? Maybe Mossadegh slugs in the baths, and his replacement is slightly less gung ho? Maybe...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    Per a discussion in the real thread, I thought it might be a good idea to set this up. I posted some individual PoDs in the "those that die young... don't" thread a couple of days ago, looking at the playing careers of Bobby Robson and Brian Clough. There's the classic British World Cup team to...
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    Security error

    At one point yesterday, I encountered this problem when trying to look at my alerts, like, comment, upload pictures or start a new thread. Basically, any attempt to do, well, anything, saw this message appear. It didn't seem to prevent my liking things on a page already loaded, but that was...