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    Alternate outcomes to the fall of the Ming?

    First off, I admit I don't know all that much about the Ming-Qing transition beyond what I've read in a few general histories of China. But is there any way to have the fall of the Ming result in a different outcome - could the Shun Dynasty somehow survive? Is there any way for Wu Sangui to fend...
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    Kung Fu Antipopes and Other Strange Stories

    My latest collection of genre short stories is now available in Kindle and POD. If you're like me, and I know I am, it might appeal to your interests. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B098G94T54 Kung Fu Antipopes is the latest collection of short stories from Paul Leone, the author of The Mysteries...
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    “Inevitable Cities” of the West Coast?

    Hello all, I’m in the early stages of planning an alternate history map where imperial China colonizes the West Coast of North America in The Past. (I know the entire premise is unlikely, given China’s historical continental focus, but roll with it, please!) That got me wondering what spots...
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    Catholic Denmark

    The thread about a Protestant Bavaria got me wondering - is there any way for Denmark to remain Catholic?
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    The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey

    Zillah Harvey was once just another faceless worker in the grimy underbelly of Victorian London. A chance encounter with a knife-wielding madman almost ended her life... and awoke the preternatural powers in her blood. Using those powers to become a medium, communing with the spirits of the...
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    The Hungry Dead of Yü-ching and Other Stories

    Hello all. I've got a new collection of short stories available in paperback and Kindle format. For twelve thousand years, a war has been fought in the shadows of our world, a war fought with fangs and malice, against the souls and courage of man... In the darkness of the deepest forests and...
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    Where, if anywhere, to hype my new non-SLP book?

    I just published a collection of short stories on Amazon. Is there any particular place I might give it a shout-out?
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    WI General Conrad von Hotzendorf gets run over by a horse in 1892?

    I'm almost done with a book about the WWI siege of Przemyśl and it often mentions the sheer incompetence of General Conrad, as well it should. That got me to thinking what if he dies long before the war, say in 1892 before he returns to a command position after a stint at the war college in...
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    Place names in a Greater Tang China?

    Hi all, I'm considering commissioning a map in an ATL where China (however implausible it is thanks to logistics and a changing balance of power in the region) manages to hold on to the frontier territories it conquered in the 7th century, as here: Some provincial and city names are rather...
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    If Zeng Guofan did seize the throne, could he arrest the decline of China?

    Last fall, I speculated about how Zeng Guofan might turn against the Qing and set himself as the first emperor of a new dynasty. I'm still not sure that's very likely, given what I know about the man (which isn't all that much, I admit), but let's assume it does happen. What are the odds he...
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    Where to beg for someone to Kindle-ready a document for publication?

    As above - The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey are in their final form, and I'd love it if someone here could finalize it into kindle format and add page links to the table of contents. Which forum would it be most appropriate to solicit such a thing?
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    AHC: Keep Buffalo in the big leagues

    Buffalo NY used to be one of the 20 largest cities in America, only dropping off that list after 1960. It's currently in 86th place. So how can we prevent this dismaying decline? Or at least limit it? One idea I've had is that Curtiss-Wright ends up the ATL analogue to Boeing somehow. I'm not...
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    AHC: An American airline flies the A380

    The superjumbo is slowly starting to fade from airline inventories, but I'm suddenly wondering what it would take to get a US airline to have operate them when they first started flying. Could, say, Delta fly the A380 from JFK or Atlanta to Europe, or United on trans-Pacific routes, in a...
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    In what world do all of Buffalo's what if come true? (aka the Buffalo News goes a little Niall Ferguson)

    In what world do all of Buffalo's what ifs come true? This one Amusing little sequence of wish fulfillment. Fun fact - all the public schools in OP have boring names. The elementary schools are named after the street they're on, while it's just OP Middle School and OP High School.
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    How do you Wreck the Reich?

    I just had the notion, maybe prompted by the reviews of In and Out of the Reich that went up today, of maybe going back to that setting in the wake of the collapse of the Nazi regime. All I have so far is an opening paragraph: The most remarkable thing about the Reich’s collapse is perhaps...
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    What would a Post Nazi Maximum Reich be like?

    By Maximum Reich, I mean one where Germany annexes Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, large parts of northern and eastern France, most of Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, bits of northern Yugoslavia, and the USSR out to the Urals. Probably ASB, but let's allow it for the basis of...
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    Is there an images per post/day limit?

    I have many, many screen caps from a movie I watched and want to start a thread about, but I'm not sure if there's a limit to how many one can include in a post and/or per day. I didn't see anything in the FAQ about it.
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    [WWII] German territorial administration plans for the East

    This map might be of possible interest and/or use for Reich Triumphant timelines:
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    Permissibility of fanfic?

    What’s the official stance on fanfic? I know some forums steer clear of it for legal reasons. What about here?
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    The Qing fall in the 1850s

    Today, the seeds of a new AH story started sprouting in my brain. The basic POD is that during the Taiping Rebellion, the Taiping forces manage to break north and storm Beijing. The Emperor is slain (either by his own hand or by the Taiping - historians differ on the subject in TTL) and his...