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    The Seventh HoS/HoG List Challenge

    Hello everyone and welcome to the Sixth HoS List Challenge! This challenge was fun but it's been dormant for a few months and this is an attempt to revive it. Credit to Venocora setting up a fun idea. They set up the rules well so I will simply quote theirs: The theme for this month's...
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    WI: Shirley Williams stands in the Warrington by-election

    OTL, the 1981 Warrington by-election was an early test of the nascent SDP that saw Roy Jenkins come an unexpectedly close second to Labour one of their safe seats, giving them much-needed momentum and credibility in their early days. Except apparently Roy Jenkins wasn't supposed to run. I'm...
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    I was reading a book about the Charles Haughey Ministry of ‘81 and it observed in passing that there was a real Nixon-in-China element to the Lancaster House Agreement and the negotiations that led to the Anglo-Irish Agreement in that a more moderate figure would’ve lacked the credibility and...
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    Callan's Graphics and Things

    Because everyone else is doing one. First, some unused TLIAW graphics: